The Walking Dead fans! Come here!


Hi fellow TWD fans, how y’all doing? Lets discuss our favorite arc and characters!

Not many spoilers please, still in season 7 :coffee:


I AM HEre girl


I just finished season 6 and wig is gone


I watch TWD sometimes I was just here’s to support you turtle :joy::joy::joy: if you remembers me Mary but if you don’t byee


I :heart: Daryl


You should legit watch it fully, and yea I remember you :joy:




But I still don’t get what happens to Dwight ?


Ya what happened to his face and was he negotiated with Negan first??


I stopped watching a little bit after when Sarah died because that was just …


Whos Sarah :thinking:


Oh my bad :joy::joy: I have her in head as Sarah bcuz her real name is Sarah and in Prison break her name is Sarah too. I was talking about your crush’s mom.


OOF My husbands mom’s death didnt make me sad tho, she was a really interesting character


Are you kidding me, what kind of person are. I HATE YOU


I didn’t like her defending Shane 83837293747393 times but a few episode ago before she died was sad, she was trying to become a better wife and a mom


I just remembered her and shane’s history. I will never forgive her for doing that to Rick. I don’t hate you anymore.


Rick is my dad and he’s my role model :weary:


Wait … does that mean you are your husband’s sister/brother :hushed:


NOOOO hes my father in law


That makes more sense.