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The Walking Dead

BASED OF THE TV SHOW (just slightly different)

It’s the year 2030 and after a nuclear experiment went horribly wrong mutated versions of humans commonly known as zombies now occupy the earth. There are two groups in this rpg (the group leaders can choose the names). These groups consist of people working together to survive the apocalypse. After a horde of zombies attacked both groups they merged into one to heighten there chances of survival. Tensions are High especially when two people are murdered and investigations show it’s an inside job.

Its your job not only to survive the apocalypse but to find out who the killer is. There will be missions which consists of gathering supplies or defending the group. Hordes may attack the group and you have to be ready to defend yourself if not you can die or get turned. If your interested and up to the challenge suit up get your weapon of choice and get ready to fight for your life.

Things To Know:

  1. Although this is a Rpg there will be some sg features as the characters you make may have to react to their environment.
    eg A horde of zombies came out of nowhere and your character is surrounded what those he/ she do.

  2. There are special roles and before you can sign up I will need you to pm me for extra information. Also Special roles will have a separate sign up form.

Here are the special roles

group leader 1- @Stxphanix
group leader 2- @hey.twilla
victim 1 -
victim 2-
victim’s 1 lover- @Ella
victim’s 1 best friend- @Tellyg47
victim’s 2 mother-
victim’s 2 daughter @Brooke_Johnson
victim’s 2 wife-
Note depending on how well u knew the victim u may be told who the killer is

the killer-
(There can be more than one killer)
(There can be more than one zombie)

Other Roles

(They are the medics, they take care of injuries etc)

(They defend the group against hordes and other groups)

(Hunt for food)

(They gather supplies)

(Typically children who are apprentices of hunters, gatherers etc

  1. Here is the sign up form: Sign up link
    (Not the form for those who have special roles its the form for the other roles also in the bio put the role of your character)

  2. Here is the sign up form for those with special roles Special Roles Sign Up Form
    (note don’t use this form if you are a group leader, zombie or killer)

  3. You can have up to four characters

Those interested: @brinn @Tellyg47 @Ella @Littlefeets @hey.twilla @Kate_Potter @Etherwalker @Drama_Queer @Stxphanix @epi.obsessed1 @fal.renet1398 @mysterypuppy03 @SilverStar




I be group leader 2


Pm me




Pm when u get the chance for extra information


Im filling the form out


Im done


@Epy.raven the form u filled out is not the form for a special role




i’ll be victim 1’s best friend


Do u want to be victim’s 1 lover instead of best friend someone is already the best friend


oh okay, i’ll be the victim 1’s lover, i’ll make her character later


I’ll pm u with extra information


Reserve, I will be signing up very soon


Are u reserving for a special role


i dint think so, I want to reserve for a defenter and hunter plz




I have a questin, what do you kill coumts?


How many zombies or humans have they kill overally