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The realm/planet of Eurethia contained all magical creatures. The magical creatures lived in peace & harmony. All fairies got along with witches, all dragons got along with elves, and so on and so forth. The lava goblins had been traveling in space for more than a million years. The lava goblins crashed on Eurethia, leaving a hole in the atmosphere. The lava goblins had all their ships broken and trashed all over the beautiful land of Eurethia. The fairies’ wings got ripped, forcing them to walk on the broken glass and debris that the lava goblins had caused. The witches’ potion studios had been destroyed, so no more buisness deals for them. Now, Eurethia was hell. All thanks to the lava goblins. The old president of Eurethia was tired of all the arguing between species, and the lava goblins. He declared war between the lava goblins and all magical creatures on Eurethia. The magical creatures didn’t agree on being in a team together. It got more and more complicated. After a lot of convincing, they organized THE WAR OF STORIES.

Your Role In This War

President: We need recruits for this war! You need to fill out this form to work with us!

(The Rules Are Explained At The End Of The Topic, Scroll Down To View)


1. Fill in a form to enter. For each creature, all genders are accepted.

2. I will write on the topic who entered their form. They will be entered automatically in round 1. If I didn’t mention you, please tell me.

3. If you see your name, please PM me a story idea.

4. You’ll see what happens. If any of you have any questions, PM me them.

People who entered:

Let’s see how strong your imagination is.

President Of Eurethia


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