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Lady Aaliyah of House Peridot
Eventually the Lady Aaliyah and her father, Lord Arthur, arrived to House Topaz. As a servant helped Lord Arthur down, Lady Aaliyah couldn’t help admire the palace. She’d been here many times before to assess the building for other entrances and exits in case if something went wrong. But nothing will go wrong. Everything will go to plan. If something went wrong…House Peridot will be charged with treason against the Royals. She had only 1 chance to make House Peridot great.
She thanked the servants and scanned the area for the soldiers of her army she had sent for. She spotted a few in the shadows of the tree line acting as soldiers for House Topaz. And a few were most likely inside. Lady Aaliyah smiled to herself everything is going to be perfect she reassured herself, trying to push the doubtful thoughts down.
She walked with her father to the palace entrance and went in.


Prince Jonathan of Goster

Jonathan was about to give a reply when other guests started to arrive. His parents also entered the banquet hall. Jonathan gave small bow. “Excuse me, Princess Rose. I would like to accompany my mother.” He was glad that the whole conversation was done with.



Princess Rose of Leblaurus
Rose gracefully walked away and stood in the corner.
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Lady Aaliyah of house Peridot
Lady Aaliyah observed the nobles around her. They were talking amongst themselves and she noticed the fake smiles that proved that their interest in the political discussion they were most likely talking about was very little.
Lady Aaliyah noticed Princess Rose in the corner alone. Aaliyah put on a fake smile of her own and glided through the large room to the Princess.
Lady Aaliyah curtsied, “Hello Your Highness. How are you this evening?” she asked politely.


Princess Rose of Leblaurus
Rose didn’t want to lie to lady Aaliyah but she knew that she had to look happy. “I am a bit worried about my engagement…”


Lady Aaliyah of House Peridot
Lady Aaliyah tilted her head, curiously “Oh? Would you care to explain?” she asked as she studied the princess’ facial expressions.


Princess Rose of Leblaurus
“I am worried that we will have nothing in common. Or that his family won’t like me. Or that I won’t like it there in Gostor… What do you think that I should do?”


Lady Aaliyah of House Peridot
“I’ve been to Gostor. Trust me, it’s a lovely place and his family has nothing against you. Once they get to know you more, they’ll begin to warm up to you.”
Lady Aaliyah smiled an encouraging smile at her “And, at the moment, the differences between the both of you may seem more obvious than the similarities but in time, you will both adjust and the similarities will become more evident. And just by looking at him, he looks to be” Lady Aaliyah hesitated. “…Somewhat reasonable. Have you spoken to your parents about this situation?” Aaliyah asks.


Princess Rose of Leblaurus
Rose nodded “I’m glad that you think that I’ll settle in. And I’m sure that you’re right and that the similarities will begin to show. Thank you for your help Aaliyah but I should go and speak to my parents.”
Rose walked out of the door and into the hallway.
ORP: where are the Rose’s parents?


Lady Aaliyah of House Peridot
Lady Aaliyah respectfully curtsied to the princess as she left.
She leaned against the wall and again, she observed the nobles that walked past and listening to the small snipets of conversations that wafted to her ears.
orp: approachable


King Anton of Leblaurus

Susanna and Anton had now reached their thrones, and both stood right in front of them, looking out on all the guests. Anton left his gaze browse through the crowd of people. His daughter seemed to be talking to one of the ladies from house Peridot, he couldn’t remember her name for some reason. But the two houses had never spent that much time together, so he supposed it wasn’t surprising that he hadn’t made an effort to remember her. Two men blew the royal fanfare in their horns, and then announced the royal couple by their titles, which made the guests all turn around to give them their attention. A servant handed the king a glass of wine, he supposed his wife wanted him to make a toast at this time. Oh, well, Anton was good at thinking fast.
“Dear guests, how lovely it is to see you all!” he said, making his voice as loud as he possibly could. The crowd cheered, “we have all gathered here tonight to celebrate the marriage between my daughter, Princess Rose, and her beloved Prince Jonathan of Gostor!” the crowd cheered again. He was aware that he was exaggerating when he called Prince Jonathan Rose’s beloved, but the people didn’t know that, and the two would learn to love in time, and if not, they would still benefit from this marriage. It was if the young couple didn’t know that, though, since they seemed to have distanced themselves as far away from each other as possible. “May you live happily ever after!” he exclaimed and raised his glass to the sky, and watched the crowd do the same.

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Princess Rose of Leblaurus
Rose made her way towards her throne. When she was next to her throne. She looked at her father, lifted her drink and said “Thank you father.”


King Anton of Leblaurus

“And where have you left your beloved fiancé?” Anton asked, and tried his best to not sound too harsh in front of all the guests, in case someone heard him. They needed to be together, to show people how in love they were, to show strengh, honesty, and hope. Honesty … right. He glanced over at his wife. He hadn’t shared her bed for six years. She was quiet, weak and dumb - all around uninteresting. Anton almost could bear to look at her. Instead, he looked over at him. Anton always knew where he was at all times, in every room. It was his way of showing love, even when they weren’t around each other, because they couldn’t be around each other in the way they wanted to be. His dear Fabio - if only Anton had been allowed to marry him instead.

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Princess Rose of Leblaurus
Rose looked around the hall for Jonathan. She couldn’t find him. She looked at her father “I have no idea where he is. We split off into different directions after our conversation was over. But father, I am worried that we have nothing in common and that I will not like it in Gostor because the people enjoy different activities.”
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Princess Rhiannon of Agra

Rhiannon looked around the palace. It was nice, but a bit to flashy. Rhiannon walked around looking at all the decorations.

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Lord Brayden of House Vos

Brayden poked Orion. “Aren’t you going to talk to someone? You are the one who mentioned connections.”

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