The War Of The Emerald Sea ~ RP SIGN UPS ~


The four countries by the big Emerald Sea have been living in peace with each other for decades. But everything is about to change into a very bitter war, that will be called The War Of The Emerald Sea for thousands of years to come …

Welcome to my new RP!

In this RP, you will roleplay as either a noble house or a royal. This roleplay is built on strategy, love, hate - and maybe most importantly, the relationships between families. Everything, to take as much power as you can, and win the war. Each family starts out with a certain reputation, relationships to the people in your country or outside of it, a certain amount of money and a number of soldiers. In this game all is fair, you can marry into families with a higher social standing to gain reputation, murder people who stand in your way, or just attack other countries when they’re at their weakest to gain money and land. I will keep track off all these things, and either give your family more of these things (depending on what you do) or take them away. For example: if you’re a royal, maybe you start out with 500 soldiers, which means that you will have a big chance at winning in battle. But if you attack someone/get attacked, some soldiers are going to die no matter what, so after that you might only have 300 soldiers, and that will make you more vulnerable to an attack from another family. And that means, you need to be okay with the possibility of your character getting killed.


I will give each family plotlines to get the RP started, but after they have been played out you will be able declare wars, propose marriages and so on as you wish by filling out THIS form.

House Topaz: The court is preparing for the upcoming visit from the royal family of Gostor. How is the family feeling about marrying their princess off to some stranger? How is the princess herself feeling about it? The plan is to first welcome the royal family by arranging a ball the night before the wedding where the future couple can get to know each other, and where the parents can discuss business. But when the clock strikes twelve, someone emerges from the crowd and shoots king Anton dead. People run away in all directions, desperate to find a safe place to hide. The guards aren’t able to catch the one who did it. House Topaz realizes that they’re in danger, so they decide that they have to flee the country. The very generous prince Orion of Odros offers them to stay with him and his family, and they politely accept the offer. They, however, make sure to have the princess of Leblaurus and the prince of Gostor get married in a very quick and secretive ceremony before they leave, so the marriage will still be valid even if they don’t see each other in a long time. Not long after that, the members of house Topaz are on the royal family of Odros’ ship on their way to Odros.

House Peridot: After planning their attack ever since the princess of Leblaurus and the prince of Gostor announced their engagement, house Peridot are ready to finally go through with it. Sir Arthur has no idea why his eldest daughter thinks it’s so important that they go to the outrageously extravagant ball at the palace, but after being persuaded, he gives in. He knows nothing about what his daughter, along with her followers, have been planning. So imagine his horror when he sees his own beloved daughter putting on a black mask, concealing her entire face, then pulling out a pistol and shooting king Anton dead. The oldest lady of house peridot is just about to leave, when she sees her younger sister – who has been a lady-in-waiting at the Agran court for the past year – in the crowd, and quickly takes her with her without even blinking. Her sister screams and kicks, and doesn’t want to come with her, but the older lady of house Peridot decides then and there that it is safer for her little sister to stay there, even if she doesn’t know that it’s the better option. After that they all rush out of the building, leaving no evidence behind. They know what the royal family will have to do now - flee the country. And that’s exactly what they do. So, after locking her little sister in one of the rooms at Peridot estate to make sure that she doesn’t run away, the eldest lady of house Peridot along with her followers rush into the palace, killing everyone who tries to stop them, and claiming the throne in sir Arthur’s name. In fear of being killed, no one objects.

House Prin: Since they are the most charismatic of the four royals, the two princes are sent to Leblaurus to represent Odros’ well wishes to the new royal couple. How are they feeling about being so far away from home? Who do they speak to at the ball? When the king is shot and the royal family is in distress, prince Orion sees the opportunity to maybe gain a strong ally, and offers to give them shelter, not really knowing what his parents might think about it. How does his brother feel about it? They quickly hurry on to their ship, wondering if this decision is the start of something entierly new and possibly dangerous for them and their country.

House Vos: Since they’re dear friends to the two princes, the two siblings of house Voos have travelled to Leblaurus with them. Their intentions are to find future spouses, since their mother lady Quinta has pressured them to. And what would be better than anything (according to their mother) is if that spouse was one of royal blood. Do they find anyone at the ball? How does it affect them when they then so quickly have to leave again? What do they think of house Topaz suddenly coming with them back to Odros?

House Coral: Both the queen and the king have gotten a bit ill, which prevents them from being able to travel to Leblaurus right at this moment, so they let their children and their daughter’s lady-in-waiting travel without them. On the trip there the young lady Peridot, who has been feeling sick the entire trip, reveals to the two siblings that it isn’t seasickness, like she’s said it’s been. She’s with child, and king Louis is the father. How does the two royal siblings feel about this? What do they do when they arrive in a entirely foreign country after hearing such outrageous news? Who do they talk to at the ball? Do they tell anyone? When the king is shot, they run in a different direction than everyone else. Suddenly they’re in the middle of nowhere, and can’t seem to find their way back to the palace. They do understand that it’s probably not safe to stay in Leblaurus, though, so they decide to trade the clothes they wore to the ball for some money to pay for any ship they can find that’s on it’s way to Agra. They find one ship whose slightly intoxicated captain tells them that he’s on his way to Agra, and that he can take them there if they do some maintience work on deck. But what they don’t know as they close their eyes that night, is that that they aren’t on their way to house Coral’s part of Agra. They’re on their way to their family’s arch nemesis’ - house Merpus’ part of Agra, where they would be killed if they were found out to be queen Cassandra’s children.

House Merpus: They don’t really do anything until the two siblings from house Coral arrive.

House Olona: After a four month long engagement, it’s finally time for the prince to get married. How are the king and queen feeling about this? And how is the prince feeling? What does the prince think of his wife-to-be? When the king is murdered, the family runs in the same direction as house Topaz. After the secret wedding, they hurry back to their ship and decide to go stay with their friends at house Wenlee, since it would be too dangerous for the murdered king’s son-in-law to be out in the open.

House Wenlee: They don’t come in until house Olona arrives at Wenlee Estate.

You have to reserve one male and one female role!

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