The Wardrobe! πŸ‘—


Hey! So I don’t think anyone has made a thread similar to this. @Qwueen gave an idea and I just modified it but here we go!

Here you can share your favourite outfits, colour combinations you prefer for clothes and / or your accessories.:eyeglasses::dress::purse::handbag::shopping::high_heel::boot::womans_hat::lipstick:

You can also share your choice in clothes and what you like/dislike or what you like to wear!

My favourite outfits

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Please feel free to tag anyone else who might be interested! :heart::purple_heart:









They are so awesome! The second ones too cute.


Nothing more trendy like plain black! :wink:


Happy Navratra Season, My Indian Darlings! :yellow_heart:


Oh my Oreos! It’s gorgeous!


This is a cool post :smile:

P.S I wish top hats become a popular trend : ) I love them so much :persevere:


Care to share? Sharing is caring! :innocent:


As in the ones which Zatanna wears?


Yes, like that :smile:


Seriously just look at this:

Of course there’s way more examples as well as modern day ones that can be found :smile:

Dita Von Teese wearing one:

They just look so stylish ^^


Share what? Oreos?


Yeah they most definitely do look gorgeous!


Yes! :drooling_face:


Oh it Like something I use when I am surprised. Instead of oh my god it’s oh my Oreos since its literally my god LMAO.




I love wearing Birkenstocks with nike socks (Is this a trend everywhere or just at my school?)