The Wardrobe! πŸ‘—


I wont know. Uniforms in my school are just ewww


I don’t wear uniforms but at my school ppl like wearing socks and sandals


In our school , in fact in our whole country and all the schols in it uniform is a must.


Call me a basic bitch, but I have everything in the 3rd pic :laughing: sips starbucks


Ah these are all so amazing tbh. I prefer basic outfits more. It looks classy to me.


Ripped Jeans Always Make Your Day! :yellow_heart:



Oh yes it does! All the jeans I own are ripped.


I don’t really have a favorite outfit lmao, I just wear whatever’s in my closet :joy:
But I prefer wearing T-shirts and jeggings
Also I don’t really like dresses. : /


I love dresses but of course they cabt be worn everyday. Normally I like to wear loose crop tops and t shirts.


That’s cool.
My little brother wants to wear something new every day (unlike me) lmao, my dad told him once β€œyou’re going to school, not a wedding” :joy:


At the moment I literally live in black leggings and a T-shirt (mostly black and white stripy)


:rofl::rofl::rofl: That is me all the time. I can be in a financial crisis living solely on bread and still manage to expand my wardrobe a little every day.


Basic look rocks.


Bump! :grin:



and here I thought girls love to talk about clothes and stuff.


Everyone likeswearing denim jackets in a while or two –


Yep. I know I do. Denims are just… Idk I love fo wear denim jackets. Especially in winters.


Yep! Its either warm turtlenecks or comfy denim jackets.

BTW, Happy Children’s Day! (Even if we are nearly adults :sweat_smile:)


Happy children’s day to you too (belated) :joy: We are still children in our hearts.



hqdefault what do you think mum*