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Welcome To The WaterColour Kitten’s Background Shop - Where The Request Are Fast And Free. I am back with a background shop because the last one didnt turn out as expected.
Looking For A Cartoonish Or Realistic Background Than You Came To The Right Place.
Amazing banners made by the famous @CinnamonToast she is my inspiration

Rules - These Rules Should Be Strictly Followed.


Request Only If your going to use it.
No Drama ON This Thread.
No Profanity Either.
Make sure to credit me for my work please.
I have the right to decline or accpt your reequest.
Be Patient Please.
Let’d be civil with each other on this thread.
Let’s get on with The Examples.

Important Notices

I will update this thread daily.
I made the backgrounds by combining Images so some of it is from Shuttershock so credits to the owner.
If 1 of the rules are violated I will PM you about it
Please share this thread with your friends
Credit me on my instagram and follow me as well as it would really encourage me.

Waiting list

Custom Background Examples

Ibis Paint
Pic Collage
Online Apps
Other Secretive Stuff…

Background Forms
What type of background do you want ?
Kitchen etc
Realistic or Cartoonish ?
How many do you want ?
Anything else?

And With That You Can Request !

Free and Fast Covers And Splashes Request Are Opennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Can someone please make me a background?
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These are samples I have made
I can make backgrounds that fit to your needs


They all look really good Therapia


Thnaks so mcuh Puretty


Could you maybe make me a background Therapia?


This artwork looks amazing!!! Can you do covers?


Or can you do backgrounds from night to day?


:heart:️ niiicceee


yes I can do covers


Yes of course I would love too make you a background and turn something fromd ay to night for you


Yayy :smile:
Could you do somthing like the INT. COFFEE SHOP FROM STAGE OL - NIGHT background just as day?

Can you do that? :thinking:

If yes, I’d be soooo honored and thankful.


Yes I would and did you want a custom background


Yes :slight_smile: , why not


Which one
Background Forms
What type of background do you want ?
Kitchen etc
Realistic or Cartoonish ?
How many do you want ?
Anything else?


What do you mean with “wich one?”


Sorry dont mind the which one


Are there different forms?
Sorry I’m kind of stupid…


Because someone else is currently creating a cover, can I request an art scene instead? I can send some details over later when you are available.


Yeah sure


You can have a small and large cover on episode