The Wattad Thread πŸ“š


Here you guys can discuss your wattpad stories, profiles and ask for help regarding your wattpad stories. You can even do follow for follows and read for reads! Have fun wattpaders

Your Pet Peeves?

I dont know why I made this. But yall can follow me my username is shalissaax




I’m on Wattpad, too ; )
After I finish my Episode stories, I want to move on to there, and write stories : )




Oh man, that is sad that you have that : (
Stay strong and remember we are here for you if ever need help and need someone to talk to to : )




β€œObsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), and behaviors that drive them to do something over and over (compulsions). Often the person carries out the behaviors to get rid of the obsessive thoughts.”

Source: MedlinePlus Medical Encyclopedia

This is what you have, right? :sweat_smile:




I’m thinking of writing a story on Wattpad, because I suck at coding and I’ve always loved the idea of writing a real novel. Would you guys recommend it?


I say go for it!
I’d love to check it out if you do write it ; )


Yeah! What’s your Wattpad username?


Pretty sure it’s the same as the one I have on here :thinking:


And I’ll let you know if I do :slight_smile:


um @JemU776 was just trying to be nice :slight_smile: PS: if you dont actually have ocd then dont say you have it


I mean. Plenty of people say they have OCD jokingly… r/whooosh


You just got caught dead in your tracks lmao


im not gonna reply after this bc someone told me not to start drama but if you β€œjoke” about having a mental illness you’re sick as hell


follow me and i’ll follow y’all back



I wouldn’t call OCD a mental order…