The way my story starts off

Hi all, I have a question on weather or not you’d continue to read the story or not?

From the 1st chapter till about 3-4 you play as the younger version of your character and your not really introduced to the present time till about chapter 4-5.

Do you think this is something that you’d click off on or if you saw it went more than the first chapter you’d click off

There are choices and mini games and you collect info that you’ll be questioned on (nothing to extreme not trying to make a memory game) but should I shorten the time you play as a “different” character?

Maybe i’m over thinking it but i would like some input :blush:


Maybe switch back and forth between the past and present, like flashback scenes, because I think a lot of readers get turned off when the real plot doesn’t start till after the first few chapters.


I see thank you, so far I’ve completed the first working on the second now I’ll see if there’s a way to add some back and forth / future events into this second chapter


I agree with what was said. Switching back and forth can be a good idea so people can still follow the plot while getting information of what might have transired in the past. I can think of a few stories who did that really well, like Star Boy or Shrew.
It can be really useful actually, and allow you to implement nice things like foreshadowing, or just let you manipulate the infos your readers have access to at certain times in the story.


Thank you! Ill check those stories out as well


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