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This thread is for the discussion, sharing, and reviewing of webtoons and webcomics.

Feel free to fangirl or fanboy as well. :wink:


slams fist on table this thread is gonna be my life I’ll post my favs soon

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I Don’t Want This Kind of Hero

This is an extremely underrated webtoon on Naver.
It is hilarious, but as the story progresses, it takes a more serious turn.
There are a lot of hints and Easter eggs that you catch as you reread chapters.

The characters are awesome.
(Chief Dana and Orca for the win!)
Both the heroes and villians are entertaining to watch.

The story starts off almost episodic with a few underlying questions, but everything starts tying together after a while.

The story is hilarious (I found Chapter 141 particularly amusing), there are some awesome action scenes, and the webtoon keeps you waiting for next week to get one step closer to finding out what the character’s motives are, what each party will do next, and who can really be trusted.

I finish this crappy review with a quote from Stubb.
“Why,” said Stubb, eyeing the velvet vest and the watch and seals, “you may as well begin by telling him that he looks a sort of babyish to me, though I don’t pretend to be a judge.”


so someone in a webtoon related discord had me start this
and let me just say it is so good. so good. so good.
I read 25 episodes in my classes today. yes, I may need a little help.

it’s about this society where everyone is the child of an animal god, and some people have super powerful gods (the most powerful in the current setting being dragons) and some having lame gods like pigeons and stuff.
the story centers around the son of a cat god (one of the lamer ones) and is so action packed and really good straight from the start. and the art is also amazing.

I really recommend it. so much. it’s a bit like unordinary if y’all are fans of that. I will do more webtoon things here later.


dogs are ugly


I read the entire thing, and it was great.

I should re-read it when I get caught up with all my other webtoons.

the one who shall not be named killing stalking


I LOVE this Webtoon. It’s about a Girl who’s being bullied. One day when she saved a Boy and that’s when her life is changing. You just have to read it to understand it better. I’m not good at giving examples lol.
There are Hot guys (hehehe), a strong Heroine, and it has some Comedy aspects.

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I want to start by saying that I really really didn’t want to love I Love Yoo- I mean a love triangle? Ew!~

But I started it anyway and it’s actually really good- possibly one of the best romances I’ve read on Webtoon~

I love how the typical romance cliches like the things Qtip’s mom does aren’t seen as cute they’re seen as they really would be in those situations, and I love how the romance goes slow rather than “soulmates at first sight” with both the love interests~

Give it a try if you have the time y’all- I’m Team Yeong-Gi, what about you?~


Dieter. :smirk:

I like Yeong-Gi as a person better than Q-Tip, but I don’t know that I like them together romantically. I always take a third option anyway.

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As Per Usual~

So I just binged this entire 233 episode webtoon in about four days~

I need help :’ )~

it’s really funny and relatable it’s one of those things you just smile at and though it isn’t my favorite humor webtoon it’s a great pickmeup type of webtoon for those days when you wanna laugh away life~


Dieter is i n t e r e s t i n g but Yeong is the most wholesome boi screams~

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half of me wants to ask y’all for webtoon recs but half of me is like NO MEHEK YOURE ALREADY READING SO MUCH~

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A boy with no superpowers living in a world full of people with superpowers. He attends a school full of very powerful people and is best friends with the most powerful of them all.

I must say, this is one of my favorite webtoons ever! I’ve been following it from the start (during the superhero contest) and it’s so good! Not only is the art amazing but the plot is so interesting and cool it definitely keeps you on your toes <3

I highly recommend this webtoon if you love action and drama webtoons

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there’s a fan server for UnOrdinary here if people want to join we could get a lil more lit from time to time (we talk about mostly UnOrdinary but a few others too from time to time)~

and there is a general webtoons server here. I don’t like this one as much as the other but it can be fun~

ps: these are both discord~

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ohhhhh thank you very much

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clears throat

So I insist on keeping this active since we are dangerously close to a month of inactivity.

This isn’t about any particular webtoon BUT…

If y’all have seen the latest Discover contest, my friends and I are planning to enter! I’m in charge of storyboarding, and my two friends E and S are the artists. I’ve created a calendar for us, and we think we have a slightly dark but still cute and funny slice of life idea, but we’re still working on finalizing the idea. Fingers crossed we can stick to the schedule and manage to create and publish it. And also that we at least make the finalists that go to ComicCon or maybe possibly (probably not though) the grand 80K prize ^-^ Or at least have some fans.

So yeah. That’s my webtoon-related bump for this thread :wink: I’m super excited!


That’s exciting. You’ll have to tell us the name of your webtoon so I can check it out, señorita. :smile:



Always Human - Webtoon, completed
Aerial Magic - Webtoon, updates Mondays, on a two-week hiatus for death in the family.
Let’s Play - Webtoon, updates Tuesdays
Gourmet Hound - Webtoon, updates Wednesdays
Siren’s Lament - Webtoon, updates Saturdays
Where Tangets Meet - Webtoon, Completed
Rain LGBT - Smackjeeves, Updates Mon/Wed/Fri
Validation - Own Site, Update Schedule Unsure
Questionable Content - Own Site, Updates Every Weekday

I’d recommend all of these to anyone. I’ve been with some of them for years.

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Recommendations: (actually only one)
Eggnoid-season 1 and 2 complete, season 3 ongoing

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