The Wendigo {Experiment #2}

The Wendigo


Plot: The lovely wendigo are a creature of the night. And a few characters are trying to escape a cabin with their life.

Setting: Cabin

Season: Unknown

POV: Third Person


7 college students || 4-guys || 3-girls

Smoker/Nerd - James Tyler
Jock/Jerk - Ramon Kindal
Cheerleader - Beth Goldman
Goth/Bish - Melanie Black

Beth wrapped her arms around herself realising that it was an awful idea to wear a skirt in winter. No matter how cute it was. Her teeth were started to click together all the while Ramon tried to ram open the door to the cottage.
“Try harder. I’m sure you’ll get it this time.” James laughed as Ramon only managed to get snow to fall all over him.
“And why don’t you try.”
“Cause I’m not a moron? It’s probably frozen shut. The best we can do is make a fire and try to melt the lock a bit.”
“Oh yes, and then we will burn the whole cottage down and we can all leave. Great idea James.” Melanie snapped back. Both James and Melanie were sitting at one of the benches outside the house, passing around a cigarette between the two of them as Beth bounced around trying to get warm and not poke a whole in the floor with her kneels.
“Come on guys, I’m sure one of the others had something we can use.” Beth smiled at the three in front of her. They were on the side of a mountain with no one in sight and the nearest town about a half hour drive away. It wasn’t snowing but the wind wasn’t picking up either. It was a silence sort of cold that made your fingers go numb without making a single snowflake fall.
“Where are they anyway. They needed to be here and hour ago.”
“Three some.” James said without missing a beat and Ramon pouted. “Yes and neither of us were invited.”
“You two disgust me.” Melanie scuffed.
“Oh oh! I think I see a car!” Beth called pointing to a light in the distance and sure enough it was a car.
“Finally…” Melanie growled, wrapping her jacket tighter around her.

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“If it’s a total stranger, who is gonna kill us, I swear to god.” James says, looking down at the grass. Ramon groans.

“Why are you always like this!?” Ramon complains, frowning at James in annoyance.

“It’s not my fault I’m trying to protect everyone!” James yells.

Melanie sat on the bench and sighed, “Can you ever stop fighting…?” Melanie’s eyes almost close, but she jumps up.

“I’m gonna check.” Beth spoke, and started walking, Ramon walks with her. Beth finally arrives at the car. She she’s a girl, with brown long hair, and hazelish eyes, she was getting ready to move her car.

Ramon knocks on the cars window, the female jumps up, looking at Ramon, she gets up, and grabs her keys.

“Excuse me, but… who are you? Why are you at my grandfathers cabin?” The female, named Theo yells, confused, and scared for her own safety. Beth looks at Theo, and sighs.

“Were here for shelter, we don’t have anywhere to go, and it’s so cold, please help us…” Beth begged, Theo sighs, and looks down.

“Fine. We better hurry your asses inside.” Theo smirks. They walked to the cabin, Theo held a warm cup of tea in her hand.

“Great…” Theo pours some of the tea on the lock, she uses her keys to open the door, and it flings open, Beth closes the door as soon as everyone got in. The door locked, and everyone was inside. Gladly there was a fireplace, lit already. Candles around the rooms as well.

“I didn’t catch your names.” Theo smiles, pouring bowls of soup, and honey tea. The others sat by the fireplace.

“I’m Melanie, This is Beth, Ramon, and Tyler.” Melanie introduces the others, “How about you?”

“Names Theo Maxiwell, been living in this house ever since I was a little girl…” Theo sighs, handing everyone a bowl of soup.

“Nice name.” Ramon winks, Melanie glares at Ramon like she was about to break every bone in his body.

“I’ll be heading in my room, you guys can sleep in the living room…” Theo says, as she leaves the room.

A couple minutes later, while she was asleep:

“Guys, don’t you think she’s insane for helping us…?” James whispers.


“I don’t think so…” Beth whispers, Melanie opened her mouth to speak, but, thuds on the roof was heard.

“What the hell is that?” Melanie asks, and covers herself with a blanket. Beth shrugs, and sighs, she thought it was just thunder. Ramon smiles, as he saw empty bottles close by a chair. He grabs them, he was sitting next to Melanie, which Melanie saw a empty bottle.

“Oh my god! Not spin the bottle…” Melanie yells, and pushes Ramon away from her. Ramon rolls his eyes.

“It’s not spin the bottle, goth.” Ramon smirks a little, “It’s actually, a game called… who do you have a crush on…”

“Ugh! Not this game again! You know how much I hate this.” Beth rolls her eyes, Melanie nods. Theo opened her eyes a little, she listens in, trying to find out whats going on. Beth sighs, as Ramon spins the bottle. It lands on Melanie.

“Who do you have a crush on…?” James asks Melanie.
“Uh, maybe Theo…” Melanie replies, blushing a little, her eyes looking down.
“Theo? She’s a soft girl, I would date Miracle.” Ramon smiles.
“Ew, the girl who was in our middle school…” Beth looks disgusted.

Theo looks down at her shoes, she rubs it against a carpet, she jumps a little as she hears loud thuds, becoming louder and louder.

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“This is a stupid game moron” Melanie takes the bottle and slides it accross the room floor, away from James
“So don’t play, why ruin everything?” Ramon rolled his eyes and gets up looking for the bottle.
After a while Melanie noticed Theo standing behind a wall listening to them, she got up, singling the others to stay quiet for a sec.
She walked towards Theo, who moved when she realized they noticed her
“Um… I heard what you said…” She said slightly shyly and scratched the back of her head as Melanie stood in front of her,
Melanie sighed, “And what do you think?” She asked, secretly hoping for a positive answer
“Um… I mean… I don’t know you but…” She said and blushed, having a hard time admitting she’s attracted to Mel. “You’re attractive…” She slightly smiled, trying to make this less awkward

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“You know what that means…?” Ramon smirks, “MELANIE AND THEO SITTING IN A-”
A scream is heard outside the cabin, it sounded like a female. Theo’s face changes, she looks scared, and frightened.

“You guys know the story of The Wendigo?” Theo asks, and sighs, “It’s happening…”

“It’s fake!” Beth yells, “It’s fiction..”

Melanie looks down, as she thinks about every event in the story. “I-I don’t know guys, everything in the story is happening, the thuds, the scream…”

“I’ll prove to you guys there is no monster.” Ramon replies, “And how a bitch some of you are…”

“Shut up, Ramon! Your the only jerk here!” Beth frowns. Ramon leaves the cabin…

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. Someone needs to see what’s going on…

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