The Werewolf Game 🐺 || RP Signups (Open)

The Werewolf Game

So, I’m super obsessed with the Jinro Game Series lately and I’ve decided to make a roleplay about it.

You signed up to play The Werewolf Game, and the winner(s) gets 1 million dollars! On your way back from school, you were kidnapped. You woke up in an unfamilliar building with ten other classmates. You noticed there was something around your neck and you couldn’t take it off!

Now you realised, this isn’t an ordinary fun Werewolf Game you play in parties, this involved life and death!! The winner gets to walk out of the building alive while the losers, GETS KILLED!!!

In case you do not know what The Werewolf Game (also known as The Mafia Game) is, I’ll explain it right now.

On the werewolves’ side, there will be:

2-3werewolves: (depending on the number of players)
Werewolves get to kill one person each night. The werewolves know who are their partners but do not know who is the psycho is.

1 psycho:
The psycho doesn’t have any abilities, he/she can only vote during the day. The psycho do not know who are the mafias.

One the villager’s side, there will be:

1 detective:
A detective can examine one player’s identity at night. The detective will know if the person is a werewolf or a villager.

1 doctor:
The doctor gets to save one person from dying each night. If the chosen person is chosen to be killed, the chosen person will not die.

1 hunter:
If the hunter dies, the hunter can drag one person down with him/her. The chosen person will die along with the hunter.

1 knight:
The knight can reveal his/her identity to the public during the day. Once revealed, the knight must pick someone to reveal the person’s identity during the day. If the person is a werewolf, the werewolf dies, If the person is a villager, the knight dies. This ability can only be used once.

4-6 villagers:
The villagers do not have any abilities.

The villagers do not know each other’s identities, therefore must guess who are the werewolves.

For these roles, I’ll PM you who you are once the game begins.

How to play this game?

  1. Each night, the werewolves choose to kill someone. At the same time, the detective and the doctor carries out their roles.
  2. During the day, the remaining players must discuss who is the werewolf while the werewolves must blend in as someone on the villager’s side.
  3. The players must vote the player they think is a werewolf. If the players failed to vote, everyone will die.
  4. The player with the highest number of votes will die.
  5. Steps 1 to 4 are repeated until the either one of the scenarios happen:

i) The werewolves and the psycho are all voted out. If that happens, the villagers win and get to walk out the building alive.

ii) The number of werewolves remained are tied with the number of villagers. In this case, the remaining villagers will die and the werewolves will walk out of the building alive.

The Rules:

  1. You must vote every day at 8p.m. (I’ll give you around one day to vote irl)
  2. You must be in your room at 12a.m. to 6a.m.
  3. The werewolves MUST kill someone at 12a.m. to 2a.m.
  4. You are not allowed to show your identity in a form of evidence (This includes adding people into PMs and screenshotting the PM ), but you are allowed to tell. If you do, it really kills the purpose of the game so I really hope you wouldn’t do that…
  5. If you disobey any of the rules, you will die!!!


Signup form:

People who might be interested:

Signups will be closed after 10-12 people has joined.


Sure! Of course I’m in :heart_eyes:

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Umm… (scratches head and looks puzzled) …In what timezone are the times you’ve listed there? It’s just that we all live around the world, like for me it is 8pm in about three hours.


Naturally, I’ve considered the timezone issues. But in the roleplay, you will ‘vote’ at 8p.m. Which means the whole day will be 8p.m.


@Secretz_lol I would love to join and if you need any help just PM me.

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Thank you!

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What’s the age range of this roleplay?

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There isn’t really an age range.

If you would like to be a student, then 13-18.

Any age above 18 will be considered as a teacher.

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Thanks! I already sent my form. Tag me when the roleplay starts!

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Thank you!

I would like to join. But what is the psycho’s purpose…?

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Basically a villager but sided with the werewolves.He/She does not have any special skills.

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I dont know if this is still open but i just signed up

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It is, thank you!

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I will definitely join


Can I join?

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I don’t see why not!


May I know whose character, Lucinda is? The person did not provide me his/her username.

She’s mine. I filled in the whole form though.

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