'The Whisper Boulevard' drama/romance is out! ❤

Hi Everyone :heavy_heart_exclamation:

Just wanted to let you know that my new story is officially published, and I hope some of you will be able to read it! :grin:
It’s called ‘The Whisper Boulevard’ and it’s based on Gossip Girl TV series, but it is purely fictional and has its own characters and storyline.

Originally was called differently, but due to title and some elements being a subject of copyright (thank you to those who help me with this here!) and now I’m please to say it was changed accordingly!

Therefore, here are some information about the story!

Brief description:
Guess who’s back in New York… and for good this time. Will Natalie discover the truth behind it all or will Whisper Boulevard destroy everyone in Upper East Side again? CC+2LI

In more details:
After few years of silence, the whispers started to become louder in New York City because someone special is back in the game.
Natalie Mayfield (MC), rich and beautiful young woman living the lavish life in Upper East side, recently experienced the worst betrayal and heartbreak caused by her closest friends and loved ones. After graduation, Natalie disappears leaving everyone wondering, where she is and if she will ever return. But it doesn’t take long until NYC calls her back, or maybe is it her heart trying to give another chance to true love? As Natalie returns, so is The Whisper Boulevard, a mysterious person exposing the deepest secrets of Natalie and the rest of infamous elite of Upper East Side. But Whisper Boulevard knows how to play cards right, and without even slightest effort, he has little birds whispering and reporting back everywhere in NYC. Will Natalie discover the truth behind this before it’s too late or will Whisper Boulevard destroy them all?
Numbers of episodes: 5 (ongoing)
Author name: Natalie B Grant
Link to story: Episode Writer Portal

If you decide to read it, please leave the feedback if you can. I am very open to constructive criticism and opinions. Just remember to be kind :heart:

Nat :rose:


Hey not sure if during the customization you meant for them to slide in and out of scene or were they supposed to walk in? Just wanted to ask!

Excited to start reading!

Hey i am curious now. Open to r4r?

Hi there, They supposed to walk in actually but sometimes it glitches when pressing to quick. I will definitely look into it tho! :grimacing:

Glad to hear that, let me know your opinion when you get a chance! :heart:

Sure, why not! Send me details of your story if you’re still interested!

Lmk when you can begin

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Great, looks great!
Starting episode one now! :grin:

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Will dm you photos