The White Saviour Complex

This is sick. Dressed in all white to imply that she’s pure. Jackie said it all. Melania Trump did it too.

Take ya nasty asses out of Africa.

This is what white supremacy looks like.


THIS IS DISGUSTING!! As said we are not just toys you use for likes! I can’t believe people actually act like this it disgusts me


But…why would you do this? You thought people would commend you for doing this? The xenophobia and classism is just so prevalent in this photograph :woman_facepalming:t4:

But why equate african children to children in ‘the hood’?

They are saying if u really care why not help ppl in ur area 1st instead of making a trip in fancy clothes to gloat about how “good of a person” u are


I know, right! This is slightly off-topic, but this happened to me and one of my friends who developed leukaemia. People posed with me on Instagram, and I thought it was because they liked me, but it was so that they could be seen as ‘including’ the mentally ill girl. And they would always claim to have been super nice to my friend so that they could be put in ‘a good light’. People aren’t props. Below I have provided an image of a prop, so that we can all be sure that THAT is a prop, and that humans are not.


BUT we need to be careful. Don’t go around accusing the people who take a selfie with someone who, for example, is getting bullied, that they are making the victim a prop. I mean, what if we’re just friends, y’know :joy:

Don’t help people for what you get from others. Help people out of the kindness of your heart.


I hate it when people do that! It is disgusting!

If you are going to help people, you are going to help people! It is NOT a publicity stunt! Get off your high horse, wear normal clothes, and do something to help people! And of course be GENUINE!


Wow. Some people are pathetic in their need for attention.


People do this shit when it comes to “helping the homeless.”

I heard a creative analogy when describing an “ally”, and it applies to white saviors who think they’re on the side of good because they aren’t OPENLY racist/diet racists ol

“When you’re running a marathon, you just run it. You don’t just tweet in-between CONSTANTLY every 2 seconds about your marathon midway on how great you’re doing. Like…we get that you’re fit and want to do this as support for a cancer foundation, so why is there a need to pathologically brag?”

Same thing when it comes to white actors and actresses in the movie industry…celebrities too…and on social media…and on television.


I am so done with you :skull::joy:

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Not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but…


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agree there is much better things to do,

my grandma for an example has been sponsor for 11 children in africa. she had pictures of them framed on the wall


It depends on the intent of the picture, though. If it’s so that people can praise you and so that you can get attention, that’s a no-no. But if it’s for good memories with them and because you truly love spending time with them, that’s okay.

she never meet them. she had the pictures send in the mail. my grandma is afraid of flight


It really is sick and exploitative. This might be off, but her outfit is also making me think of a very feminized version of the patron saint archetype - which is just… a whole other layer. It’s at the very least (like you’re saying) using the “white as purity” trope.


Discusting :expressionless:

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Idk why white is ‘pure’… I mean, white is pure white. But then black is pure black and red is pure red.


I often saw white saviour complex in literature or just pieces of fiction in general (ex. The Help), but of course many things in fiction are based on real life. And not to mention she’s wearing all white, like she’s a saint or angel. What the hell?


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