The wholeness chat filled with love 💓

so if you are having a bad day, please take a seat and have some water or anything that will cool you down. here we discuss anything wholesome.

if you’re tired? go to sleep :heartbeat::heartbeat:
having a bad day? I got you, we got you.
stressed out about school? we can help you
having hard time with friends? tell us
think you aren’t talented? everyone is talented, the thought of you putting effort into something is talent already.
think you are ugly? you aren’t, everyone isn’t ugly. beauty isn’t about looks, it’s about personality too. everyone has beauty.
crying? get some water or tea, and take deep breaths. we can help you.
can’t fall asleep? listen to some music or read a book .
and further on. :heartbeat:
list some inspiration quotes and ask for advice and receive advice. :heartbeat::heartbeat:

list wholesome memes and much more :sparkling_heart:

did this make you feel any better??

  • yes, I really needed this
  • this helped
  • yes
  • not really

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i still feel down but this helped take some of the sadness away :heart::pleading_face: tysm


This is so sweet and thoughtful of you, thank you!

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