The Wilson Arts Academy of the New Millennial || RP Signups


Dear fellow student,
Due to your acceleration in your fine art, we have decided to accept you into the Wilson Arts Academy, one of the finest schools in the whole globe. We hope you join us for some fine sports, classes, and luxurious treatment.
-Headmistress Polina

It’s the year 2056, where technology is at its finest. You have just received a letter to go to the Wilson Arts Academy of the New Millennial, one of the finest schools in the world. Wilson is known for their acceleration in fine arts, grades, and their robot buddies for newcoming students. After deciding to join the school, you yourself, are given a robot buddy, invented by Mister Francis, someone who is very suspicious. A few weeks after you’re getting to know your robot, they start malfunctioning, their attitudes are changing and their actions are becoming bad. When they outrageously rebel, will you and the other students use your fine arts to battle them off or just let them take over?

Once we get up to 8-10 people, the roleplay will officially start. If you wanna make relationships for your characters ahead of time, please do so here. Our characters will undergo a schedule, all almost the same except your fine art skill.

I would also like to note you must signup a main character and secondary character, female and male, and you can also signup another one if you choose to just for fun.

Fine Art options include:

  • Fashion Designing
  • Playing Instruments
  • Singing
  • Architectural Design
  • Sports
  • Painting
  • Many more


The Wilson Arts Academy of the New Millennial || Roleplay Thread




@Chocolate_Mama I need your faceclaim links, just added that into the form. Pm me the faceclaims. :slight_smile:


What are the kind of things that minor characters are?


What do you mean?


Would our minor characters just be not as active? Or is there a different role for them to play?


They can be as active as you want, but your main character should be the most active.


Ok. Thanks


I don’t understand what you mean by stereotype


No worries.


I have submitted a form


A stereotype is basically a label.

EX: Bad boy, bad girl, nerd hipster, etc.


Hey, are you going to put up FCs?
I was thinking about signing up, but I wanted to have a look at some of the other characters first. :blush:





If you signed up and your characters aren’t there yet, it’s because these faceclaims are completely custom and take a while to do, so be patient :slight_smile:


We will be starting this roleplay on Friday, so get your faceclaims in if you want the best experience possible by starting off as one of the mains. Please feel free to pm me or tell me here if you have any other questions, as this is where they must be asked. We want to keep the roleplay thread as a roleplay and not a place that is all cluttered.


@LovingLostCities I need the last names for both of your characters.


Oh, their last names are both Marcel


Hey, does anyone want a brother or sister (or another kind of relationship, if needed)?
I’m not going to write anything about their relationship in FCs, aside from sharing a surname. As I feel it would be a lot more fun to discover what their relationship is like within the story, rather than predetermined.


Reserve for a girl pls :v: