The wishes thread


Write down your wishes.
For example I wish I had a cute fluffy cat so I could take it in my arms and pet it for hours.


I wish for nothing because that wish will affect every thing


hmm but our actions in everyday life affect everything in a continuous way though so wish for it donโ€™t be afraid


Fine I wish it back in the day, I wish everyone was outside at the park having BBQs and laughing all that

  1. I wish to live long, and served my God.

  2. I wish for photography equipments

  3. I wish that I could travel more to see different place, BUT everywhere you go, IS NOT safe.

  4. I wish I could go ice skating


  6. I wish I still could make a difference.

  7. I wish to build up my vocabulary, and talk to people clearly

  8. I wish toooooo do something for my mother. Shes my everything


I wish to be finally really happy.


Thatโ€™s a good one




I wish my hater to disappear.
I wish to stop wars (and anything to do with guns)
I wish to learn engilsh better
I wish to publish my story soon


I wish I would stop complaining about and criticizing myself and everything and everyone around me.


I wish I can stop thinking negatively about myself everytime I fail at something or everytime someone say something about me.

So many some- words


I wish my thinking would stop being so unhealthy