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Disclaimer, I have never visited the real Clarendon Hills, nor do I claim to fairly represent the town during the 1950’s - I needed a Chicago suburb, and I liked the name of this one. So if you’re more familiar with Clarendon Hills than I am, please don’t kill me if I get anything wrong! :grimacing:

Ah, Clarendon Hills … a small town a thirty minute drive from the hustle and bustle in the city of Chicago, a safe place where you can settle down and life a happy, calm and safe life in 1952 … right? Wrong.

In St. Sterling, a neighborhood surrounding a catholic chruch with the same name, lies a deep secret. Because even if the ten to fifteen houses may look innocent to onlookers, it’s actually the home to the leader of one of America’s most feared mobs - The Clarendon Caracals (TCC for short). Since they’re known for being very protective of their loved ones, and absolutely bloodcurdlingly horrible to their enemies, the very few people that know about their whereabouts try their very best to be out of their reach.

But, for now there’s really not very much to worry about, since the leader of the TCC is absoultely delighted at the moment. His darling daughter has just gotten engaged! And since marriage is something everyone in the 1950’s, and especially the leader, values very highly, he couldn’t be happier. Well, he could’ve been happier if his daughter had chosen one of the other, more important, members of the TCC. Instead she’s chosen someone close to being just a common citizen, but, he’s still happy for her.

To celebrate this engagement, the leader has organized a big engagement party for the couple at his home. But what he doesn’t know, is that someone, somewhere, is planning for the whole party to go as wrong as it can possibly go … so wrong that it will send not only the residents of St. Sterling - but the entirety of Claredon Hills - into a war. Someone at the party shoots the leader’s daughter dead. Everyone starts blaming each other for the horrific murder, and the family that takes on most of the blame … is the daughter’s fiancé’s family.

And while the war naturally has a big impact on the men living in St. Sterling - it has an even bigger impact on their wives. A time of absolute chaos like this suddenly gives them an unfamiliar freedom, since their husbands have their minds occupied with ideas about how to best kill one another. The wives are suddenly free to start thinking about what they want for once. Maybe they aren’t by far as happy as they had forced themselves to believe they were? Now that their husbands are so busy with their ‘war’, maybe this is their chance to set themselves free?

Welcome to my new roleplay ‘The Wives of Clarendon Hills’! A big thank you to @AS007 , @brinn , @HermanEpisode and @Annaliese_Clairemont for helping me further develop my story!

So - it might seem like this story is just about a bloodthirsty mob-boss and his followers, but it is so much more! Those of you who saw this in the New Ideas Thread might’ve seen that I promoted the roleplay as more of a “traditional” 50’s housewife roleplay that would focus on cheating husbands and other scandals, and this roleplay is actually that, too! Create almost any possible 1950’s storyline you want! My goal for this roleplay is really just to explore very dramaticized life in the 1950’s. Think Marylin Monroe, James Dean, Elvis Presley …

And, if I get my way, this roleplay won’t just be about the 1950’s! I’m thinking of doing larger timeskips when the story calls for it, to explore different eras. So for example, if a young couple gets together in the 1950’s in the middle of these “mob-wars” that were relevant at the time, you can see them start a life together in the 1960’s and all the drama that comes with that, and so on!

Doesn’t that sound exciting?!

Alright, I’ll stop my preaching and move on to how this RP is actually going to work.

We’re going to focus heavily on families in this roleplay, especially on wives. So therefore, I’m going to create five different families that you can reserve spots in. To start with, you will only be able to reserve either the spot as the husband in the family or the wife of the family (LGBTQ+ characters are of course allowed, but since it’s the 1950’s those characters would still be married to the opposite gender even if that person wasn’t who they were attracted to) all the children (even the ones that have a big impact on the story) will at least start off as NPC characters that you or your character’s spouse control. You yourself can choose the lastname, aswell as the overall “theme” and backstory of your family, along with the roleplayer of your character’s spouse.

To make sure everyone has a spouse, all spots have to be reserved before anyone has access to the sign-up form.

Another thing you need to do before you sign up, is to take THIS test! I want to make sure this roleplay lasts, and I’m going to do that by making sure everyone is very active, and that everyone is at the same level of roleplaying. I am absolutely not “judging” your way of roleplaying to be mean - everyone has their own styles, and I am not perfect myself! But since I know from experience that confusion, clutter, inactivity and slight annoyance at very different writing-styles can be some of the reasons to why RPs die out, I’ve decided to try and fix it this way. You can score 9 points at most, but to receive the link to the sign-ups after every spot is reserved, you must score at least 7 out of 9 points.

If you have any questions - please ask me!

Family 1 (mob-leader's family)

Wife: @Ella
Husband: @Ypsilon

Family 2 (fiancé's family)

Wife: @brinn
Husband: –

Family 3

Wife: @Ypsilon
Husband: @jdepisode

Family 4

Wife: @epi.alyssaa
Husband: @HermanEpisode

Family 5

Wife: @Littlefeets
Husband: @CrazyCaliope


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Thank you for tagging me, it’s just I have too many :joy: (that I signed up for anyway.)

But have I ever met you?


I’ll reserve wife of family 1 :slight_smile:


Oh, that’s okay! I just tagged the people who answered my poll.

You mean met in person? I don’t think so, why?


May I reserve for the husband in family 4?




I’ll reserve a husband for fam 3 :slight_smile: lemme know if u need me to make more than one char.




@Ella @jdepisode - Please make sure you do the RP-test! :blush:


I’ve already done it (for a different roleplay), is that okay?


Will do🖒


Not the same quiz! (Well, same questions, different point-system)


DAMN IT! I was actually planning to go against my regular RP gender choice, just to be paired with a certain RPer, but their spouse has already been taken. WAH! :sob::sob::sob:
Well, I guess I’ll stick with my usual and just go the husband for family five. :wink: … I assume since there are so few roles you just want one role per RPer?


Hahah! Maybe it would be some consolation that your character can still have an affair or something like that with the person’s character? Drama is very encouraged in this roleplay!

No, you can reserve more than one spot if they’re not in the same family. I did, so it would be kind of hypocritical of me to say nobody else could, hah. But since there aren’t many spots left, I’d prefer it if you only reserved one. :sweat_smile:


HEHEHEHE! I don’t think it’ll be hard to convince them of that. :wink: :smiling_imp:

Okay, another annoying question. I know above that you said the RPers in the family RP as their own children. Though, if the RPers are cool with it, can we create a child in their family (even though children are minor roles)?


I’m taking the test, but I would like to reserve family 4’s housewife.


Can I reserve for family 2’s wife? I just submitted my test response.


Already preparing for the mob-role I see? :joy:

And, yes, if both people are okay with it it’s alright.


ALWAYS! I’ll be forever plotting, no matter what character or RP!

Shall I ask now or later?