The Writing Partner You've Been Looking For!

Hey, episode community! I’m E, longtime episode reader, soon to be episode writer (hopefully, with your help)! Writing is my first love. I’m currently studying English at a uni, but I’m on summer break right now. I’ve always wanted to write an episode, but I’ve never been a fan of the directing aspect.

Needless to say, I know there are people out there with opposite sentiments, and I would love to assist you with writing! I have a few possible ideas for a story, but if there is a story that you’re absolutely interested in creating, let me know, and we can hopefully put something together! Oh, I also love creating characters, so I’d definitely be willing to help with that as well, but that’s as far as my directing skills really go. :joy:

Just leave a comment below or DM me! Thank you for reading.

i could help u write a story

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what idea do u have in mind?

I would like to write a story with you, were around the same age group .

Message me!

Awesome, message me! :grin:


I’m interested, can you message me what your story is about?

I’d love to direct a story for you. PM me the story ideas. :wink:

~ :snowflake:

I’d love to contribute in the character department. It is far easier to know a character than to create one. Some of the best dialog comes from a chat where each person knows their role. You never get what you expect, which forces you to write around and recreate based on the responses… Write harsh questions, awkward discussions, but don’t write the replies… find an angry freshly divorced person, or a 3am drunk who just wants to curse you - and then - you have a real character!


okay, I realise you have a writing partner, however, I could help out with cover art, intro/outro cards and arts scenes! if you have instagram mine is just the same as my forum username :smiley: or you could PM me here and I’ll send my examples