The Young Actress Episode 12 Planning Thread

Hello, if anyone wants to help me finish planning episode 12, PM me! Or reply here.

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Hie. I can help… if you want :grinning:

I’d love that!

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Okay… can you send me the link of your story… also… what is the story so far… in gist… so that I will be able to help you easily

Ok… I will check it out… how soon do you need ideas?

And can you give me a gist of the story so far…

What do you mean my “gist of the story so far”?

By gist I mean… the story summary… so far as in till the point you have written… I mean… the overall story in short till chapter 11…

Don’y you mean until where I’ve gotten in Episode 12?

Yeah… just the small discription… not the complete version

Episode 1 (Part )

Emma is hanging out with Felix when her phone rings and she walks into the hallway to answer it. It turns out to be Sophia saying her mom went into labor and Felix drives her to the hospital on his motorcycle. And she arrives at the hospital right before her mom gives birth

Tell me when your ready for part 2 of episode 1

Yeah… I m ready… sry fr late reply but I was sleeping… it was night here…

It’s fine it was night here when you replied too…

You can send me the summary. You don’t have to send one by one… just send me all of them in sequence…

do you mean the description or the summary of each episode?

Any thing. So that I have an idea… if sending discription of each one is going to be difficult… send me overall story summary. I will read the story anyway. I just wanted some discription to have some idea .

Description Of Whole Story: What will happen after 16-year-old Emma gives birth to newborn twins Isabella and Hope, will she find True Love and happiness??

Okay… so Emma is the MC… and in first chapter her mom wents into labor…