The Young Actress Episode 5 Planning Thread!



Thread For Me And My Co-Writers @Diamond_episodes, @SpiralKaleidoscope & @Louanatomlinson To Collaborate On Episode 5! And Of Course My Good Friend @PaulParmar1! Also, If Anyone Else Wants To Help, Feel Free! :blush:

P.S. Literly Just Started The Episode!


I would love to. I am a professional writer. Let me know if you are willing to take me in.


Of course I’m willing to take you in!


So how do you people like talk ?


What do you mean by that? So, I’m Sure In Order To Help You’ll Need to Know A Bit More About My Story, Right?


Yeah exactly right. That’s kinda what i meant


Oh! Well… The Main Characters are Named Emma And Felix And The Description Of It Is:
“What will happen after 16-year-old Emma gives birth to her newborn twin daughters? Will she find True Love and happiness??”


Son I know that the story is published already. Do you want me to read that much first?


Good Point… What Do you need to know about it then?


O can read it till where its published and then I can give you ideas because I need to know whee you left the story last if I want to suggest something myself.




Or you can describe to me what you did so far. That is much easier.


Episode 1:
Emma Is Hanging Out With Felix Who At That Point Was Just A Crush, Until Her Mom Went Into Labor And Felix Drove Emma To The Hospital To See Her Mom. Later Emma And Her Twin Sophia Are Talking Before Bed, The Next Day Is Emma’s First Day Of High School At The End Of That Day, Felix Asks Emma Out On A Date.

Episode 2:
Emma Accepts Felix’s Offer To Go On A Date With Him, She’s So Deep In Thought About It That She Knocks Into A Women Who’s Her Mom’s BFF. The At Night, She’s Worrying That Her Crush On Felix Will Ruin Their Friendship. The Night Of The Date Felix Gives Her An Moon Necklace With An Engraving On It And Asks Her To Be His Girlfriend And She Accepts! But When They Go To His House And She’s Introduced To Felix’s Older Brother As His Girlfriend He Decides To Get Them Drunk. After They Got Drunk They Had “The Nasty”.

Episode 3:
Emma Wakes Up In Bed With Felix, At First She Thinks It’s A Dream But Then She Spots The Necklace. She’s Glad It Wasn’t Just A Dream But She Throws Her Clothes On And Runs Outside To Call Her Mom. A Few Weeks Later, Emma Starts Having Morning Sickness So One Day After School Felix Takes Her To The Doctor’s To Get A Pregnancy Test Which Came Back +

Episode 4:
Emma And Felix Go To The First Ultrasound And Afterwards, Emma Asks Felix If They Should Tell Their Parents And He Says No. Late That Night, Emma Has Flashbacks Of Her And Felix In Her Dreams. The Next Day He Takes Her To An Acting Audion Which She Aces!


So I do have something in mind. Should i send them here or PM or some other way ?




Okay. So firstly is there anything in your mind you wanna do. Like anything at all ?


Well, Actually Yes: Them Telling They’re Siblings That Emma’s Pregnant And I Put A Recap In Each Episode!


Okay. So I will tell you tomorrow I have three rough ideas on mind but I will work a little on them first.


Okay then. Thank you.


No need to thank me. I love doing this.