The Young Actress Episode 6 Planning Thread!

Alright, My Co-Writers, @Diamond_episodes, @SpiralKaleidoscope, @BadassSaasha Time to plan Episode 6! And @PaulParmar1 if you wanna help you can! As well as anyone else!

Episode Name & Discription:

The Young Actress Episode 6 - Twins

It’s the big day! Emma’s reveal ultrasound! How will it go?

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Hm… has she had the picture of the ultrasound yet?


Well maybe you could show a picture of the ultrasound, how she reacts to it and how the father will react? If the father isn’t with her she can send a picture to him and then the realisation of being a father can kick in?

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Good Idea! How far along should she be by now?

Hm… how many episodes ago was it when they found out she was pregnant?

3 when she was 4 weeks

Well you have to be 5-6 weeks along to have your first ultrasound, during those three episodes difference what’s happened?

In which episode?

The episodes between finding out she’s pregnant and having her first ultrasound

Well… She Got A Role In A Casting, Almost Lost It Because Of The Baby, Fainted Due To Lack Of Rest And Had A Check Up.

You shouldn’t call the episode twins because then you will spoil it because the readers don’t know that there are twins yet so you can’t name it twins maybe something called "Life-changing " something like that or make something up just not twins

K. Thanks, Diamond!

Should I show am actual ultrasound picture?