The Young Actress Episode 7 Planning Thread!

Alright! My co-writers, @Diamond_episodes, @SpiralKaleidoscope, @BadassSaasha And of course my good friend @PaulParmar1 (If he wants to) to plan episode 7 of The Young Actress! Let’s start with the Chapter Title & Teaser!

So Basically For The Chapter Title, Finish This Sentence:

"The Young Actress Episode 7 - _______ that is the first thing that needs to be done! But after that the REAL planning starts!

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Well if you ask me I would say first plan the chapter and only then you can plan on the teaser.

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Okay, thanks!

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Topic hidden and closed as this section of the forums is for finding a writing partner. Please take any group organization, etc to it’s own thread in the correct section for this. Or a private message would be ideal for something like this. Thanks!