The Young Actress Episode 9 Planning Thread!



Can anyone help me write episode 9 of my story?


What’s it about?


The description is:
“What will happen after 16-year-old Emma gives birth to newborn twins Isabella and Hope, will she find true love and happiness??”


Cool. What has gone on in the story so far?


Here’s a summery of Episode 1:

"Felix and Emma are hanging out in Felix’s bedroom, when Emma gets a phone call from her sister Sophia. She steps into the hallway to pick it up, the reader has the option to ethier get angry or Stay calm, Sophia informs Emma that her mom has gone into labor. So Felix takes Emma to the hospital to see her mom. Then the mom gives birth. A little later Kaylee (Emma’s Mom) Is told she’s free to go. A Few hours later, Emma And Sophia are hanging out in Emma’s room before bed on the night before they start High School. At The End Of Emma’s first day of High School, Felix asks her out!


Episode 2:
Emma and Felix set up for Felix to pick Emma up for the date at 7:00 the next night. As Emma is walking home she’s thinking that it’s the best day of her life because her crush asked her out, and she ends up running into a women named Chay, who’s her mom’s friend. She kindly shows Chay where she lives. Later that night, Emma has worries that her crush on Felix will ruin their friendship, and realizes he deserves the truth! The night of the date Emma puts her dress on and the reader gets to do her hair and makeup, then Felix arrives. And they leave for their date. At dinner, Felix hands Emma a box with an engraved necklace in at as a romantic gesture to ask her to be his girlfriend and she says “YES YES YES!” Later that night, Felix invites Emma to go to his house. His brother gives them drinks with alcohol and they end up having sex!

Tell Me when you’re ready for a summary for episode 3!