The Young Sorcerers of Terathia // RP // Signups and General Chat [STILL OPEN]

Sorcery is in you. Listen to your heart, work hard, and you will learn how to wield it with great power.

Delve deep into Terathia, a world run by witchcraft and sorcery in which you, as a young sorcerer in learning, wish to find your place. The magic that reigns over this world conditions its fauna, flora, and climate. Therefore, its atmosphere is more favourable to magical beings than the one in the human world, and almost all sorcerers reside there. They live alongside many other creatures: vampires, pixies, gnomes, nymphs… who sometimes happen to cross over to the human world by accident. Some humans that have a close relation to magic also inhabit it.

The Institute of Terathia is here to teach you about the different worlds and help you achieve your full potential as a sorcerer. It is an academy supported by the Council of the Light, also known as the Government of Terathia, whose members ensure control and stability over the realm. In helping young sorcerers develop their capacities, they hope to create strong individuals capable of defending both the human and terathian worlds from the numerous threats they are likely to face.

While each sorcerer’s natural ability is defined by their alignment (fire, water, earth, air, light, dark, ice, electricity and energy), common-ground magic can be taught to everyone at the Institute. It includes general spell casting, glamour, enchantments and necromancy. However, necromancy is the hardest form of magic because it requires breaking the boundaries between the living and the dead, between the past and the present. It goes against the fundamental rule according to which someone is either alive or dead. Necromancy is therefore straining for the mind and even the soul: it was discovered that if its practice was not regulated, it could have devastating repercussions on both the sorcerer and the rest of the world: the mage would go mad and become a dangerous threat. Therefore, only the sorcerers with very strong natural abilities can practice necromancy.


Institute of Terathia

The Institute of Terathia is an old, castle-like building that essentially contains (feel free to add details):

  • A room for each student,
  • Five common rooms (one per year)
  • Several classrooms (potions, history, practical studies etc.)
  • A hall for breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • A library
  • A crypt

At the top of the Eastern Tower lies a dimensional door connecting the Institute to the human world. You may go through this portal if you wish to travel to the human world.

Terathian World

The Terathian world has numerous landscapes, including forests, mountains and shores. The nearest town near the Institute is Hilda, which has several shops and places to go to. You may, of course, leave the Institute and go outside.

Dimensional doors (important)

Dimensional doors are portals that allow Terathians to travel between the human world and their own. When opened, they appear as dark gateways spiraling like a galaxy and show the blurry image of where it leads to. They radiate energy that is detectable by Terathians. Only the Terathians can open a dimensional door. Dimensional doors can be found in important convergence points between the two worlds. As such, there cannot be a dimensional door in places where the two worlds do not collide. Furthermore, dimensional doors are found near areas with a high spiritual activity. They can be either permanent or temporary. Permanent dimensional doors are only allowed to be created by the Council of the Light. Sorcerers can request the opening of a temporary one under exceptional circumstances, if necessary. You must ask me if you wish to open a dimensional door.

Subjects taken at the Institute:

First year: History of the Worlds, General defence (spell casting), Potion-making, Studies of magical species, Herbology

Second year: Enchantment of objects, Potion-making, Studies of monsters, Studies of magical creatures, Herbology, General Defence, Introduction to Divination

Third year: Studies of monsters, General Defence Advanced studies of magical creatures, Potion-making, Offensive charms, Divination, Initiation to arithmancy

Fourth year: Specialised defence, Protection of the Realms, Advanced studies of monsters, Advanced Herbology, Terathian law and politics, Arithmancy, Teleportation, Introduction to alchemy

Fifth year: Advanced defence and offence, Advanced Herbology, Advanced arithmancy, Alchemy, Terathian law and politics, Protection of the Realms

Options: Enhancement of natural abilities, Art, Human law and politics, Human History, Astronomy, Necromancy (you must DM me if you wish to take necromancy), Study of Dimensional Doors, Interaction between magical species

You are, of course, free to find new places and create new things for your character’s storyline. Just be mindful of each character ! :smile:


  • You must DM me for anything concerning necromancy
  • Please write in first person
  • Please blur curse words
  • Please leave room for your characters to improve their natural abilities
  • Be creative and most importantly, have fun ! :relaxed:

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Link to the RP: The Young Sorcerers of Terathia // Official RP

Thanks! The role-play will start as soon as ten students have signed up. Applications will remain open. Send me a message or reply on this topic if your have any questions.

Inspired by the world of Tara Duncan (book and game).


Can I reserve for a female? :blush:

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Of course ! :smile:

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Great! I also have one question. If I pick the first grade, will my character go to the second grade after some time? Or will she stay in the first grade ”forever”?

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Can I also reserve for a female


Your character will go to second grade at the end of the year (in-game time)! If they are particularly talented, they could also take certain classes normally taken in the year above. DM me if you want something like this :slight_smile:

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Absolutely !

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Reserve male and female

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Thank you so much! :blush:

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Did I do it right?

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Actually natural abilities are more like side powers that your character may have, they are linked to the character’s alignment. For example, if your alignment is dark, your natural abilities may be travelling as a shadow, for example ! Do you see what I mean ? :slight_smile:


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Yeah, okay. I’ll think of something then :blush:

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Okioki, it can be whatever you want ! :smile:

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Reserve for 1 male please! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Reserve for 1 male and 1 female please! :blush:

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reserve for a male? i’ve been thinking about character’s personality and back story and i don’t know if it fits the storyline. is it okay if i pm you? x

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Of course !

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Reserve for male and female.

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Reserve for a female

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Reserve for a female & male

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