The Zodiacs Ending//Sign Ups - Open

Hey, I’m back!:wave: You probs don’t know who I am, but that’s fine. This is a RP I originally started with @/valeria.episode. She also made the banner as well. I tried doing this before, but it eventually died because we didn’t start soon enough. I deceived to bring it back and make it better than before cause last time it was a little chaotic.

I’m running this RP with the help of @minoru

The Zodiacs Ending

Welcome to the Zodiacs Ending! We will start from the beginning. Around 400 years ago the people on earth had to flee to many different planets because of a danger that was heading their way. They were put onto 12 planets which were organized by their zodiac sign. A year after they arrived, they created a kingdom. After multiple years in peace they had a huge argument over supplies. Every Zodiac planet did. A new danger is heading their way. Now all of a sudden the Rulers went missing. The elites must now step up to stop this… I wonder how that’s gonna go?

(This was based off of a book I read called “Zodiacs” which I would definitely recommend.)

  1. You can only create 1 character. Maybe 2 depending on how many characters that are signed up before it begins. I’ll let you know if we need more of anything.
  2. Whoever gets there first get first pick since there are only a limited amount of spots. Only 2 at most for each sign. There are only 6 females and 6 males. Again maybe more depending on who all sign up.
  3. Drama is only allowed on the official thread.
  4. You must go on at least every two days. If not please do not sign up.
  5. You must discuss on the sign ups thread not the official thread.
  6. You can curse, but please blur it because some people do not like it.
  7. S*x is not allowed. If you want to do it continue in the pms. Otherwise stop it when clothes get off until clothes get back on.
  8. You can’t write just two sentences. You must right at least 3 - 10.
  9. You are allowed to have a different gender than male or female, I just put it like that in the “Amount of Signs” to help me keep track.

@Skyler2 - Female Leo
@Dying_Dreams - Female Aquarius
@rickyy - Male Pisces
@minoru - Male Capricorn
@UnicornPlayz.Episode - Female Gemini
@BlueInferno - Male Libra
@Littlefeets - Male Gemini
@Alyssa_Epi - Female Sagittarius
@AnimeOtome - Female Taurus
@LegacyLockwood - Male Leo
@EchoRavencroft - Female Cancer
@Tripping - Female Virgo
@Caticorn - Female Pisces
@Xoxo_dimples - Female Aries
@Summer41 - Female Capricorn & Male Cancer
@Maya_Reihnard - Female Scorpio & Male Virgo
@spilling_stars - Female Libra
@AtlasFlameAi - Male Aquarius
@SilverRose - Male Aries
@fal.renet1398 - Male Sagittarius

Amount of Signs Needed

Sagittarius: None Needed
Leo: None Needed
Taurus: None needed
Aquarius: None needed
Capricorn: None needed
Cancer: None needed
Pisces: None needed
Gemini: None needed
Libra: None needed
Scorpio: None needed
Virgo: None needed
Aries: None needed

Sign ups link




If you have a character from the original RP and would like to use it, just tag me to let me know that you’d like to. Also, if you have any questions, you can always ask!

One Male left - Scorpio


@Alyssa_Epi I notice that Aries is missing form the horoscope, is that intended?

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Could I reserve 1 female Leo? thanks in advance

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Can I reserve 1 Scorpio female and 1 Aquarius male, please ~

I’d like to reserve 1 female Cancer and 1 female Leo please <3

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Can I reserve a female Cancer and a female Capricon?

Can I reserve a Female Leo and Male Scorpio? :kissing_closed_eyes:

Reserve a female Tauras and a male Gemini

Can I reserve a female Aquarius? =D


Can I reserve 1 male pisces, please :smile:


Reserve a female gemini and male leo

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oooh this seems fun! may i reserve A female gemini?


May I reserve for a male Capricorn, please?


No, it’s not. Thank you for letting me know about that. I was rushing when doing it.

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@spilling_stars @Summer41 @boujee @AnimeOtome @LegacyLockwood
Just wanted to let you guys know that you are only allowed to reserve one character at first and if we need more later on then I will post about it on here. So please pick one for now.


Can I reserve one male Libra?


@Alyssa_Epi, for those of us who signed up a character/s in the original, would it be possible to reclaim them? I had two males in the original, but if I can reclaim only one I would like to reclaim my male Gemini.


Okay, I will put something up there telling the originals who had characters that they can use them. You can reclaim your male Gemini. I will let you know if we have anymore male positions later if you would want the other male you had as well.:blush:


Oh! I’ll have a female Taurus then.


Okay, do you want to use your original character from the old RP?