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Check “examples” tab for limelight and ink examples

rules (read before requesting)
  • Credit Me
    If I take time out of my life to make you something, please credit me. It’s very simple. All you have to do is include my Instagram handle at the end of every episode you use the pose in. (@wtfth34)

  • Do not ask me if you can request
    Unless stated in the topic title that I am closed, I will gladly take your request. Make sure you check the title to see if I am open or closed!

  • Do not steal my work.
    I work hard on every pose I make, so please respect me and do not steal, copy, trace, or use my work as an example in a request without permission.

  • Do not send a request with missing information
    It is very frustrating to have to ask multiple questions because you failed to include information. If you have any information missing, I have to right to decline your request.

  • Be respectful
    So far everyone in this thread has been very patient and respectful. But, I want to make it clear that I have a life aside from episode. Im thirteen, I have schoolwork and I am also writing my own story to work on.

  • Have a deadline
    If you don’t give me a deadline, I will definitely procrastinate and end up forgetting about the request. Please, please, PLEASE at least give me an idea of when I need to finish it by.

  • Do not waste my time
    If you ask me to make a pose, or multiple poses, you need to use the pose in your story or to make an art piece.

  • No difficult requests
    I am still learning how to make poses myself, so please bare with me on the difficult poses. These types of poses include, side profiles, action poses and poses with more than two people in it. If you have a difficult request, I will still try my best to complete it.

Password (blur it) to indicate you have read and understood the rules: Lol

form 🚮

This form should be filled out to the best of your ability to avoid any misunderstandings. If you don’t want extras, outfit, etc., put “None” in the blank space.

character details:
pose reference:
facial expressions:
shading or no shading?
do you plan to animate the mouth/eyes on this pose?
extras (tattoos, piercings, scars, bruises, bloody noses, anything extra at all):

examples 🚮

Laundry basket png by @Ara.Pia !

without shading vs with shading



waiting list:


next up:



Hey! Ty for this tread x I’d like a custom pose!
character details:

pose reference:


This pose that’s in your examples, but instead can he be holding a phone? hope that’s not too hard for you!
extras: he has a septum piercing
deadline: December 30

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request accepted! starting on it now :blob_sun:

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Body: Toffee
Brow: Thin Arch
Hair: Generic Short Hair (Black)
Eyes: Deepset Piercing (Brown)
Face: Defined Triangle
Nose: Button
Lips: Smirk (Rosewood)

Zahid's Outfit:

Ivy's Outfit:

Pose (1)
Ivy is holding her arm on Zahid’s throat, and holding a gun to his stomach while looking up at him. Zahid is fearful, holding his hands to her arm (where his throat is)


“You have five seconds to explain who you are and why you’re following me.”

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could you provide the outfits ? ill start on it as soon as i finish the other request :blob_sun:

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Yes, one min :heart:

how’s this ? let me know if anything needs to be touched up or changed:)


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Hey! I loved your examples and I’d like a custom pose. :sparkling_heart:
Character details:

Extras: piercing over ears
And yeah actually I want ripped jeans instead of given above.


I want the same pose with cigarette that is their in your example.

Deadline:30 December

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Thank you girl I love it! x

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NOFLDJFSKFJ i had like 3 in mind, and there all poses from your examples that i would want …

could i request 3 or is that to many ? :joy: :sob:

starting on it now :blob_turtle:

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haha no problem!

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lmaoo three is fine! i could finish them all today

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I’ve added the outfits :heart:

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Hey girl I’m back for more ahha! Could I request another pose if that’s okay?



Also can she be holding a key necklace? And she has a sad expression

ofc I’ll get on it as soon as possible !

- pose #1

character details:

The Boy (Nick) -
Skin Tone - Tan
Brow Shape - Thick Straight
Hair Style - Short Wave
Hair Color - Platinum Blond
Eye Shape - Piercing Almond
Eye Color - Blue
Face Shape - Defined Triangle
Nose Shape - Button
Lip Shape - Uneven
Lip Color - Terracotta

The Girl (Vicky) -
Skin Tone - Caramel
Brow Shape - Seductive Arch
Hair Style - Beach Wave Hair
Hair Color - Grey
Eye Shape - Upturned Feline
Eye Color - White
Face Shape - Soft Heart
Nose Shape - Upturned
Lip Shape - Full Round
Lip Color - Terracotta

pose reference:


The Girl (Vicky)
String Tank Top (Black)
Skater Gray Ripped Shorts
Tattooed Rocker Boots

The Boy (Nicky)
Ripped Punk Pants
VNeck Tshirt (Black)
Basic Sneakers (Black)


OH also, idk if this would be a lot of work, but if you could legit make the same pose and same facials, and JUST change one thing about it. so one would be with his eyes open, and one with his eyes closed. also, there doesn’t need to be any blood on him

- pose #2

character details:

The Girl (Vicky) -
Skin Tone - Caramel
Brow Shape - Seductive Arch
Hair Style - Beach Wave Hair
Hair Color - Grey
Eye Shape - Upturned Feline
Eye Color - White
Face Shape - Soft Heart
Nose Shape - Upturned
Lip Shape - Full Round
Lip Color - Terracotta

pose reference:



Hot Pink Zipped Crop Top
Lacy Heels (White)
Tribal Print Mini Skirt


uhmmm y’know like the black veins on her arms and on her neck? can you keep those, and just change them to white instead of black? and then instead of the black balls in her hands, can you change that to white? (if you can’t change the color of the veins, that’s fine, you don’t have to include them) and her eyes can stay white.

- pose #3

character details:

Another Girl (Serenity)
Skin Tone: Dark
Brow Shape: Medium Soft Arch
Hair Style: Natural Curls
Hair Color: Black
Eye Shape: Upturned Bold
Eye Color: Brown
Face Shape: Soft Heart
Nose Shape: Soft Natural
Lip Shape: Full Round
Lip Color: Dark

pose reference:



Black Shorts Onesie Top
Black Shorts Onesie Bottom
Black Zipper Heels

extras: if you could give her some ear piercings that would be cool ! oh also, i don’t want sunglasses like in the reference. oh also, can she be hold a gun? (it can be the same one in the reference if you want)

- pose #4

character details:

Skin Tone: Caramel
Brow Shape: Thin Arch
Hair Style: Short Cropped Hair
Hair Color: Charcoal
Eye Shape: Deepset Piercing
Eye Color: Green
Face Shape: Defined Triangle
Nose Shape: Button
Lip Shape: Uneven
Lip Color: Terracotta

pose reference:



Ripped Punk Pants
Basic Sneakers (Black)


can he be smoking a cigarette?

OVERALL deadline for all of the poses:

PSHHHH LOWKEY TAKE UR TIME BABES. ik you have like 3 other requests, & you should do those first cause there deadlines are in like a week like god dang :sob: MY deadline is likeeeee uhmmm January 22nd? a month from now haha

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i would love to request a custom pose


something like this, but instead of her face being mad. can you make her seem bored? like the beginning of eyeroll, it looks like my pfp.

high waiter jeans new, knotted chambray, plain swimsuit top, triangle earrings, white fur booties,

deadline: i actually need this super soon in my story for an upcoming scene so i really hope you can do it by christmas or a little after at least <3

(i tried to do this myself and it didn’t turn out good so i really hope you are able to do it, i love your examples!)

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