Their Impact On Us



:fleur_de_lis: I felt the need to create this topic because I wish someone would’ve created it. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” ~ Mahatma Gandhi :fleur_de_lis:

I just want to start off by saying that the majority of people that have played Episode have gone through many emotions in their life (e.g. sad thoughts, or thoughts about hurting themselves). The main reason I chose to create this thread was because I know there are probably a lot of people on the Episode platform that suffer from these thoughts (emotions), and I want not only I, but the Episode community as well to stand next to them through these feelings & events that they’re going through.

Because we can at least take the chance to make a change, even if by the slightest, on this world.

Maybe some can relate to the fact that Episode has made an impact on us, and our lives. It’s made us more open-minded to the things around us, more comprehensive to some friends we might’ve not understood before, or maybe has made us realize that “blood doesn’t make you family” & we have a family full of genuine friends on these forums and on the app. Episode may have also made you smile on some days. :slightly_smiling_face:

Comment Below:

  • What you may be feeling (you don’t have to be very open if you don’t want to).
  • Your positive response towards those people who may be feeling – what they’re feeling.
  • The impact that Episode has created on you.


If you help, you will save. :heart:


I have severe social anxiety. And everyday at school was painful. I’d through scenarios of what would happen if decided to talk or say something.

The only sort of “freedom” or safety from this was from my phone. I’d talk to people on apps and communities. And it was so much easier not having to say things in person.

This built up my confidence. Now, I still get anxious and have panic attacks, but it’s better. And I’m not painfully shy. I’ve made a close knit group of friends and I’m content.

I’m so thankful for Episode and Wattpad for helping me find more confidence. They’ve genuinely changed my life and I’m so much happier.


I’m happy for you.:blush:I truly am, and I might not understand what you’re going through completely, but I’ve realized that these impacts do exist. Thank you for sharing their (Episode & Wattpad) impact on you, and I’d love to become your friend!:smile: It’s so hard to make friends at school since they’re not genuine, but I’m happy that I can make friends from all over the world, and for the days where I literally feel like nothing, Episode seems to put a smile on my face. And I’m truly grateful for that. :heart:


This thread was a great idea. :))

I’d love to be your friend! :revolving_hearts: You seem really sweet.


Thx :blush:


This thread really gave me some positive vibes!!! :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:
Thanks for creating this topic girl, you seem very nice and positive. Can we be friends? :cherry_blossom:


:heart_eyes: Have u seen my profile summary? Making genuine friends on the forums is something I’m always looking forward too! I’d love to be your friend, and I’m super happy that it gave you positive vibes! :grin:


I absolutely love this thread! Episode has brought me and one of my best friends closer because we both write on here. We bounce ideas off of each other and help each other with our stories. Episode stories have helped me have a better understanding of emotions and have a bigger insight on the world. Also, writing on here has actually helped me better my school work! Writing also lets me release my problems that I hold in, that I otherwise wouldn’t have told anyone. I will also be forever grateful :smile:


:heart: I’m super happy that you love this thread!


I’m not sure if this was what you were talking about but:

My entire life I have been bullied for the way I look, dress, sound etc… I would constantly cry myself to sleep. Once it got so bad in the fifth grade. I was on the playground and my two best friends had always run away from me at recess saying they had to do something private. One day, they let me hangout with them. They started running away and I thought it was tag. I kept tagging them but they would keep running. I finally asked them where they were going and what we were playing. (my name is AMANI.) They said
Run away from AMANI.
That same day, I walked into the lunchroom to see my arch nemesis sitting in my seat and all my friends raising their hands. They put their hands down when they saw me and I later found out he had taken a poll to see how many of them hated me.
The all raised their hands.
Later that year, one of my friends was “fighting” my arch enemy so I pushed him away. My arch enemy punched the air and fell into my other friend. She slammed my head into the bleachers. It was a crowded hallway when we got our coats and stuff from our lockers and my elbow brushed against her arm and she hit me in the back and in the head with a master lock. I had been suicidal for months. She denied it too! She said I had one that to her.


I went on episode to escape and read stories I could relate to.


I hate those bullies who want to make everyone afraid of them, I just started standing up for myself, even when I would ignore them, and now apparently they wanna be my friend. I don’t know, they just want popularity so I try to keep myself away from them. Anyways, When you show them you aren’t afraid, they will feel powerless. And I bet if your arch nemesis had later on been betrayed by your old friends, he would soon feel powerless, because bullies feed themselves on fear.

I don’t know if I call my school friends, friends, because I can’t open up to them, I don’t feel like I can trust them, and so on. They called me fake, even my family has called me that because they think I am fake at school. Anyways, I’m smart, and they hate me for that, so…

But yeah, there is someone who cares. And for whoever is reading this, just know I care about you, because I care about all the genuine people here on the forums, and want them to be my friend. :blush:


I’m sorry about everyone who calls you fake. I bet you aren’t fake. Thank you for the advice! I would love to be your friend btw. :grin::blush:


Aweee, thanks, from the bottom of my heart. :kissing_heart: YAY! I love making new friends! :grin:




So, even though I will no longer be on the forums anymore, please consider the fact that you are still free to comment your experiences on here. :blue_heart:


No no no why??


I need a break because I have to focus on other aspects of my life. I will be back, I don’t know when, but I will. I love these forums a lot, so trust me when I say it’s not for any bad reason. Thx ~ Love, Estefi :blue_heart:


Yay! We all love u on the forums and we will be here when you return


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