Theoretically, I can use Shakespeare

So, episode does not allow any story to have excerpts from any copyrighted songs, literature, or stage plays, but I really need a play for my characters to perform. I was originally going to do Grease, but after my own school did a production of our own, I learned how strict the copyright laws are. Plus I’m entering the story in the Kiss and Tell contest, so I don’t want anyone banning my story for copyright infringement! :grimacing:

But then I thought, “Oh, all of William Shakespeare’s plays are public domain”.
Which means they can be performed, or used in an episode story in my case, without breaking any copyright laws.

So… does anyone know if I can use lines from Shakespeare in my story? I’m pretty sure I could, but let me know if I’ll get in trouble for it.

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Legally, yes, you can use Shakespeare.

According to how Episode’s revised guidelines are worded, yes, you can use Shakespeare.

If you want official confirmation, consider contacting Episode directly to ask before you invest a lot of time and energy into coding your entry. They could always decide to be weird and make an issue of it. But rightfully, they shouldn’t have a problem.


Yeah, I’d contact Episode before doing it. Shakespeare can be still hard to get copyright on because of how many films have been made out of his works.

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maybe do something there are not copy righted anymore. You could always do one on a old story like the brothers grim or H C andersen stories. they are fair use I know because I been in playes by those.

Shakespeare’s plays are public domain, so there’s no legality issues with using them. I would definitely ask the Episode team before using them, but you shouldn’t run into any issues legally.


ALL of Shakespeare’s works are public domain. You can use any and all of his works in your stories, including lines. He’s also been dead for several hundred years so no worries about copyright with him :wink:

Movies etc, that were INSPIRED from Shakespeare stories are of course off limits (West Side Story, She’s The Man, 10 Things I Hate About You etc)

Here’s a link to Episode’s statement on fanfiction and public domain works.


The most valid version of R&J, a true masterpiece

(Yes all the original lines are good to use)


If they are indeed public domain you should be good

Imagine being copyright infringed by a ghost


Heh, I have.

We weren’t allowed to change a single line of dialog of my school’s production of Grease, all because of the ghost of Samuel French. The director was afraid of being put in jail, but why would anyone put time into arresting a high school theatre teacher? Ask my boy Samuel.

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Sounds like a plot to me! Someone get on that story real quick!


damn that’s crazy

Screen play writer Alex Gray starts receiving strange threatening emails after publishing a work with lines from the famous play A Midwinter’s Daydream