Theories and Thoughts

We all believe different things. But do we have answer to most of it? No. Somethings cannot be solve scientifically so we just believe there real. For example don’t laugh at me I believe the world is flat.

Now down here we can put crazy theories and thought about it. Please don’t judge others because they could judge right back.

Lmao I don’t know if this is a theory but I am a person who gets very paranoid! And something bad always happens when you least expect it so I go by my own life rule “if you are always expecting the worst, you will never be disappointed” I know it sounds stupid but whatever :woman_shrugging:


How many licks does it take to get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop?

The world may never know


I feel they same too but God has a plan for us and there always a light at the end of the tunnel.


Yes I guess that’s true!

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I don’t get how people say 9/11 was predicted by shows and people when they could have easily planned it when hearing it from tv shows and stuff like that

When people say, “Black lives matter!”

But they’re not doing anything to improve the black community.

Honestly all lives matter everyone is equally the same it doesn’t matter if your gay or straight we are all children of God. He loves you all.



I have friends who are gay and I treat them like the are other people doesn’t matter I don’t care. If you’re sick mentally its okay God has a reason for that. I have friends from the special ed group and I love them. They’re so funny and smart. Honestly they’re pretty cool😎

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Yeah, me too. I have a pretty diverse circle of friends.

It’s pretty nice for everyone to be different

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That’s how I feel. A lot of people love how real I am.

Just love your enemies too. They might be going through a lot in life. You can only pray for them.

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Yeah. What if that enemy betrayed me?

Pray for them and tell them you don’t hate them and try to befriend them.

What if that enemy betrayed me many times?

Leave them if it’s that big of a problem😂 Run

Exactly. What if they live with me?

Idk what to tell you, just make the best of it since you’re with them for a while. I have siblings 2 brothers and 1 sister so I just do me and they do whatever they do.