Theories on Save My Dream Wonderland (interesting & interactive post)

Hello everybody :star_struck:

I just went through this cinematic experience and I need to talk about it.
Well, I read a mysterious story and I have to share my guess and my questioning with you ! I have a lot of theories and a lot to say about this enigmatic story.

You may know the author -known as @TessOfficial here or @tess.writes on Instagram- because she already wrote 4 stories… and all of them are mysterious.
And 2 days ago, the author came back to share with us another mystery to unravel.

Name : Save My Dream Wonderland
Author : @storiesbytess
Style : Limelight
Status : Ongoing
Genre : Fantasy (fairies, mermaids, guardian and more to come)
Love interest : 3 (LGBT)
Choices: Choices matter + Time Choices
Overlays : Animated overlays, Tappable overlays and Advanced Directing

Even her story description picked my curiosity !

Description : Fairy tales were my fake friends, funny until they weren’t, especially when the life went on and I kept walking backwards. I didn’t want to grow up. I wanted to be child forever.

So, if you like mystery and you haven’t read Save My Dream Wonderland, I can insure you that you won’t regret reading it. It’s worth your Episodes tickets because her story is just like watching a great film. :heart_eyes:
And at the end of these 3 first chapters, you will have so many questions that you will wish her 4th chapter to be out ! But lucky for you, I saw on her Instagram that she is already editing enchanting backgrounds and that she started writing her next chapter, which could be out in 1 week !

I really wish to discuss this mystery with you and I hope I will find some people with whom I will be able to debate on this wonderful story :black_heart:
(And by the way, *the directing and overlays in this story are S . P . L . E . N . D . I . D * !)



:warning: Also, note that the author will add a lot more narration, overlays, choices and mini games, once the contest’s over.
Indeed, all these details need a lot more time that what the contest allowed her to do. Plus, some overlays and backgrounds have not been approved on time by Episode, but the author will definitely add them as soon as the contest ends. She putted a lot of efforts into doing them and coding them. She was very disappointed when she realized she would have to suppress some of them as long as some scenes. As they were not allowed on time, they couldn’t appear for the contest. Despite this minor issue, her story stays full of wonderful overlays !
For these reasons, know that Magicka: Save My Dream Wonderland will be even greater after the Magicka contest !

Hello dear :blossom: ,

I’m back here with some information you may want to know about Magicka : Save My Dream Wonderland !

Facts you should know about this story :

  1. The author/artist is working on Photoshop in order to give you the best Art and the best overlays experience.
    As you can see in the first post, her cover has been drawn by her. I think she did a pretty amazing work because rendering skin is complicate, but it’s even harder to render it with dark colors and give a night effect ! I tried once and it ended up being bad… :woman_facepalming:

  2. Now, about the overlays. They are NOT just overlays found on Google. She really work on them, modify them, in order to create unique overlays you won’t see in other stories. She does the same with backgrounds, creating unique sky and lights. Once Linda (the character you are playing) enters her Wonderland, you will be able to see more various and sumptuous lands. A lot more overlays will be animated :sparkles:

  3. The author created her own messaging system. You can see the profile of the person you are texting and if you touch the message, a translating bubble will appear.

  4. Since the author will introduce Art scenes in her story, customization won’t be available. It would be a shame if your character didn’t match her Arts. However, you are still able to choose outfits and haircut.

  5. All her templates are made by her. In her previous story ONE WAY, she created a unique and an amazing customization template. You may have seen her name credited by some author who are using it :wink: . Even I used it, whereas I usually never customize my character… Her template really attracted me :joy:

That will be all for today, I hope you liked this information :black_heart:

See you very soon for more info :blossom:

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Hello girls and boys :sunflower:

I’m back today with a little surprise : here is a #sneakpeek of her next chapter. All these overlays, these backgrounds, all these colors… Brilliant, isn’t it ?

Did you spotted the hot hair ballon traveling around the Wonderland ?
I wonder who’s inside it ?
Maybe he is the guardian whose the fairy is talking about ?

I hope the guardian -whoever he is- won’t arm Linda ! I guess we will find out very soon.

Plus, I just noticed something else. When Save My Dream Wonderland begins, Linda is having a terrifying dream. A fluttering beautiful, yet unknown woman is going down the sky and is screaming Linda to save her. The background alternates between the beautiful lands of Wonderland and a dreadful forest plunges into darkness. Linda is terrified and wakes up. However, in the dream Linda has no scars. BUT, at the end of the 3rd episode, when Linda comes back to the Wonderland, she has a scar on her left eye. Thus, my following question :

Why ?
What happened to her ?
Did she fight ?
Against whom and why ?
Why is Linda even dressed as a soldier ?
What is she supposed to fulfill ?
Does the Wonderland even exist or is everything a pipe dream created by her melancholic imagination of when she was a kid ?

As we already know, the author loves riddles so, this scar must have a meaning.
I can’t wait to reach the end of the story.
I want to know whether the Wonderland is real or if it is just a dreamy journey that will help Linda to go through her real life and the difficulty she encountered.

Next post will be tomorrow and I will talk about Linda’s real world and why she changed this much. :black_heart:

See you tomorrow :sunflower:

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Hello Hello :seedling:

I said yesterday that I would talk about Linda’s real world but I changed my mind as I reread the story and discovered completely different scenes and information… That’s why I feel the urge to share that with you… because unless you replayed the story, you will never know about that !

So, Y.E.S some of your choices will GREATLY IMPACT your story and you won’t discover the same things.
In the Chapter 2, you have a choice to decide whether you want to discuss with your old friend Rene or avoid him. This is an important choice !

  • If you talk to him, you will learn more about what happened between them.

    You drink a Café and you discuss about a specific night which change Linda’s behavior. Rene mentions a name “Lea”.

    If you choose this choice, you will see a part of this night in the 3rd Chapter. It is Linda’s POV. Moreover, while talking to Rene, you will also learn more about a legend mentioned in the book Linda is reading again and again. This legend is really interesting because it gives the reader first information about whether the Wonderland is real or not. According to what Rene says, the reader will favor the magic lead. This book will be the subject of a next post.

But, if you skip this choice and decide not to talk to him, you won’t know about this legend at all.
However, there will be given another clue in the other choice which will lead you towards another completely different lead !

  • If you don’t talk to him, you go home and eavesdrop another quarrel between your father and mother. Linda decides not to interrupt them and goes to her room where she will have pretty dark thoughts. She over thinks about not fitting in this world and feeling like an alien. She wishes she could change things she did or should have done.

    In this choice, the author leads us towards a pretty frightening path, which are depressed and suicidal thoughts. At this point, we can assume that every magical things we will see from now on, won’t be real. It would be a magical world created by Linda’s imagination to take shelter in her own world… A world in which she takes a stance and makes good decisions.

I think her choices are very surprising AND interesting. The author really wants to show us how random choices like talking or not to an old friend can impact and change one’s life. At the end of the 3 chapters, she obviously doesn’t want us to know whether or not the Wonderland is an existing magic world. And according to me, this tricky author will play with our minds through the choice WE will DECIDE to make. Through our choices, the clues given won’t be the same and maybe, at the end of the story, readers won’t have the same interpretation.

I hope you like this post ! It took me quite some time to put all my thoughts into something clear :black_heart:
See you tommorow for more ! :seedling:

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Thank you for your time!! :sparkling_heart: You literally read my complicated mind. Impossible. You’re really talented to able to put such interesting description together. You’re not just an author, a reader or an artist, you’re a telepath :brain:


I love doing that post because there are so much capabilities and mystery to solve :mag:!
Thank you to you for working your brain out to create a unique story and unique style ! :sparkles:

:joy: That’s what my friends say :joy: “Psychologist” that’s how they call me :brain: :smiling_imp:

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Helloooo :shamrock:

Today, we will be talking about dressing games in Magicka : Save My Dream Wonderland.

As you can see it above, @tess.writes came up with a new G.E.N.I.O.U.S outfit template.
This template will be available in her Chapter 4 in which we will meet Alexiane. I can’t wait to discover this beautiful character. I really wonder who she is and if you noticed it while watching the video, Alexiane looks sad during the whole Sneak Peek.
Question is :

Why is she sad while choosing wonderful dresses and jewelries in a wonderful room ?
Is it linked to what Linda told Rene while taking a Café together ?

Indeed, if you paid enough attention and only if you chose to talk to Rene, Linda says:

“You mean Alexiane’s curse ?” (Chapter 2).

Thanks to that clue and with the help of this new Sneak Peek, we can guess that Alexiane will be a very important character. She might even be the heart of the story if we consider that the Wonderland is real.

With all these luxurious things around her, we can wonder if Alexiane is a Queen ?
Who is she and what’s her purpose ?
Is she sad because of the curse Linda is mentioning ?
What is this curse ?
Why is this beautiful woman cursed ?
And by whom has she been cursed ?
Is it Laryss ? This mysterious character the fairy mentioned in TessOfficial last trailer ?
And most importantly, will Linda free Alexiane from her curse ?

But if we consider that it is not real, we can wonder :

What does Alexiane embody in Linda’s imagination?
Why is she as sad as Linda is in the real world ?
Has Linda in the real world the same curse as Alexiane has in the fantasy?
Is this curse the root of all their(Alexiane and Linda) evil ?
Will Linda be able to free Alexiane as well as herself?

However, this outfit template is not the only one you will see in this story.

From the beginning (Chapter 1), the reader can choose Linda’s outfit and haircut. As we already know, there is no customization for various reasons already explained however, the reader can choose between 3 outfits. Linda’s haircut will also change as you change her outfit.

The first template is simple, but as you witnessed in the author last post, the second dressing game is gold. We can see the same pattern in the last Sneak Peek. Three wonderful dresses are placed on her bed and each dress has its own haircut. You will be able to enjoy it as soon as Tess releases her next chapter.

I really hope you will enjoy these dressing games, especially Alexiane’s Closet because, the author put a lot of efforts into creating a unique template you won’t find anywhere else. This dressing game will only be available for Magicka : Save My Dream Wonderland.

So, go enjoy this story :black_heart:

See you next time :shamrock:

Hi everybody, I am back :llama:

It has been a month since I last posted here and in order not to make this discussion post disappear I will post once or twice a month.

Today, I won’t talk about a particular subject.
Today, I am going to do what I should have done from the start, in other words :

Explaining the first chapter !

Organized people tend to start things with the beginning. I am sadly not part of that kind of people, but I feel like after 5 posts, it’s about time I talk about the beginning of this story (+ this will make me feel like a no-messy-person :joy:).

When I say “beginning” I am really talking about the B.E.G.I.N.N.I.N.G ! Because with everything I already explained, you still don’t really know the very beginning of the story and the plot of this amazing story!

Soooooo, what a better way to start a story than starting to talk about the Intro ?
Honestly, I just LOVE the I.N.T.R.O of this story. I will post the link just below so that you can appreciate the author’s work.

As you can see, it is quite plain and humble, but we can feel all the magical tension rising up.
As I already talked about this magical book in my previous post, I won’t talk about it once again. However, we do know that the book we see in the Intro will be important.!

After the introduction of the story comes the introduction of the chapter.

Once again, this intro is very clear. I find it even relaxing. (That’s the effect nights, sky and moon have on me :waning_crescent_moon:). In fact, what I feel when reading this whole story is really strange.
I feel it very calm without any “BING-BANG-BOOM”. What I want to say is that lightning, overlays or any other special effects are not overused as to cause distraction.

Her writing style feels like the opposite of mine. When I write my story, called Switch Psyche, I put a lot of lightning and even psychedelic effects… As I write very long narrations to despite human’s feelings, I try to balance this length with a lot of special effects to keep the reader attention.
I try to keep the visional aspect bc I tell myself that otherwise, people won’t read it until the end… They will be bored if it is not speed enough. They might even feel asleep. That’s the thing I tell myself and I know I am wrong because Tess’s story proves the contrary !

With Tess –and this why I love this author- she keeps things very simple and what amaze me is that once the reader start to read it, he just can’t stop reading it. She never loses her readers attention.

In the end, this story is not “too much”- which is very strange because I rarely saw a story with this much of overlays. Indeed, the author uses a ton of customized backgrounds and overlays. For her three first chapters she had to upload around 300 overlays and backgrounds, that’s saying something!

So, we have on one hand, plenty of overlays and paradoxically on the other hand, the story line doesn’t feel heavy nor outnumbered by these overlays. We don’t even notice that there are so many of them. It doesn’t shadow the narration or the whole story. The story line keeps being very flowing: Not too fast, not too long and definitely not boring - Just the perfect length.

Alright, guys, I will stop here for today because this post is already long enough. I could keep going on for hours like this but I got to stop somewhere. In the end, this post turned out to talk about the intro and the story length. Next time, I will definitely talk about the beginning of the story. However I feel like I had to point out the story length because this is what we feel all along the three first chapters: Calmness and lightness.

See you next post ! :black_heart:

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As the result of the Magicka contest was announced a few days ago, I am here today to write a very short post. :black_heart:

As @TessOfficial 's Manager I am a little bit sadden that her story did not make it to the shelf.
It’s funny because it looks like I had more faith than Tess herself who kept telling me that she wouldn’t won. I hate it when she thinks negatively :broken_heart:.
But in fact, it was to be expected considering the amount of authors who entered this contest :sparkles:. Also, I believe that everyone put a huge amount of work and time in these Magicka stories because I felt like there were all great. The level in this contest was especially high compared to the previous contests. It was really great to see so many authors motivated to create their best story ever :100:.

So, now, what’s happening after the Magicka contest ?

  • Of course, the author will continue her story.

  • The author might drop the “Magicka” word in her story’s title. I will keep you informed in the next post.

  • She should also update her story very soon as she decided to add more scenes in her three first chapters. She had to wait until the end of the contest to be able to modify these chapters. So, basically she is revamping them. Hence, she will add new backgrounds and new overlays (the ones which were not approved in time. Remember, I said previously that she had to suppress some scenes because of that). She also decided to detail a lot more the way her MC (Linda) is feeling. So, her narration will go deeper and maybe we can expect some more darkened feelings about Linda.

I am really excited about her upcoming update ! She told me she will publish the revamp very soon. In the end, it’s a good thing I still didn’t write about her first chapters. That way, I won’t miss anything since the chapter will be complete and not half-complete as it is right now.

  • As for her Chapter 4, I know she already wrote it… But she is secretly keeping it lock in her Episode portal. It’s really annoying me AND she KNOWS it !!! -.-

To finish on a good note, I keep hoping her story will get noticed and that one day it will reach one Episode shelf. It was not meant to reach the Magicka shelf, but with some hard work, hope and chance, it will be picked for the month shelf or other discovery shelfs. Why not ? :woman_shrugging:

I am sure it will. And Tess also believe in that. So, let’s keep hope alive :heart:

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Thank you so much for believing in me :heart::heart::heart:

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Hello :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!

Today I am back with a new post from @tess.writes Instagram account. Take a few minutes to admire her upcoming new cover and don’t forget to like it :wink:

After this short introduction, I will start today’s topic with --as I promised a long time ago-- the explanation and my theories about the first chapter of Save My Dream Wonderland. Of course, I am not going to describe the whole chapter in only one post as it would take too much time. You will note that the post is very long even though I am just talking about the first few lines. For that reasons, I have to cut this post in two parts.

The theme of today’s post is:

Linda’s Dream.

The story begins with a dream in which a mysterious woman is fluttering in the air… or should I say, is slowly falling on the ground. The landscape behind her is alternating between a bright beautiful pasture and a dark forest.

During her fall, she is asking someone to help her.

In the next panel/scene, we see a young beautiful woman, a scar on her right eye, screaming in horror. We will know later that this character is called Linda and that she is the MC of this story. Behind her, another background appears: a castle plunged into darkness.

Surely, the three landscapes we just saw are part of this “Wonderland”, as this place is specified in the title. Also, I noticed that the MC wore some armor. First questions are:

  • Who is Linda ? Is she some soldier - which would explain her scar and the outfit? Hence, which role does she play in Wonderland?

  • Why is she screaming? Is she afraid of something/someone or just surprised?

I don’t think she would be scared just because of the mysterious woman screaming for help. Honestly, it is not horrible, per se. So, why would she be afraid of that? I think both panels of Linda’s dream are unrelated. Just like when you are having a dream in real life, it is not likely to be linked. You can easily stand in one place and suddenly, you are standing elsewhere doing something else.
I think this is the same here. I would say that Linda is reacting to something that shocked her greatly. If my feeling is right, I would say it has something to do with the switching backgrounds between the beautiful one and the sinister one.

Indeed, a little bit later, we can read that the Wonderland used to be a peaceful and beautiful place – which is not the case anymore in her dream.
It means that something occurred and caused this change.

-Maybe is it due to something? Or someone?

This explanation to Linda’s behavior would also explain why this woman – who looks like a good Queen-- is falling and asking Linda through her dream to save her. By saving the Queen, Linda would also save her Wonderland and by saving the Wonderland, she is saving the Queen.

So, as you can see this part (played in 10 seconds) is pretty enigmatic and it is quite funny to make some assumptions. At least, these were the first things I asked myself the first time I played it.

Then, Linda wakes up in her quiet bedroom.

Everything around her is calm and peaceful; however we can feel this odd depressing and oppressing atmosphere around her. This feeling manifests through dull lights and insipid facial expressions. I guess this is something that will stay all along the story… Except maybe when Linda will be visiting the Wonderland. We could assume that this feeling of uneasiness only manifests when Linda is in the real world. Maybe, once she will be in Wonderland, she will fully live and appreciate her life because then, she will have found her niche.

To go back to the narration, it is the night and the first thing our MC is thinking about is that she used to have this bad dream.

This is not the first time it happens to her and she wonders why she would dream such a thing. At the same time, we learn that she is calling this place “her Wonderland” and that it is now full of spooky creatures.

We then have a timer choice on how to react towards this dream.

We can either calm down and try to sleep (which will fail, of course), overthink or we can take notes about the dream. I think this last choice is the good one. We all know that once we dream something, when we wake up we forget it more or less. The only way to remember it fully is to write it down. Knowing the author, I bet this is what she wants us to do as I feel like it will be useful later on.

Whatever your choice is, Linda won’t be able to sleep anymore. She then stands up and walks to the window.
Here, we learn some pretty useful information about the background story. She tells us that she visited Wonderland once, but since that time --when she was a joyful and audacious kid-- she hadn’t been able to go back to this place.

While watching the light sky, she tells us more about Wonderland. At the same time, we glimpse one more time through the window what her wonderland looks like. She remembers the beauty of this place with protecting little fairies flying around her.

She also mentions the presence of little monsters which echoes what she said while waking up “spooky creatures”. This could mean that the wonderland is divided in two parts.
One side would be a good and safe place to stay, when the other side would be bad, evil and dangerous. Such a dividing implies that there would be at least two leaders governing each one of these opposite areas. We can then assume that when Linda visited Wonderland, the “country” was at peace. On the contrary, the dream proves that whatever the kind of treaty keeping the place at peace was broken. Hence, the scale of Wonderland shattered (otherwise, the landscapes would still be pleasant and not invaded by spooky creatures).

The following narration is focused on Linda alone and not her dream anymore which gives me the perfect opportunity to end my words. It is already long as it is :wink:
The next post will then target this topic. I feel like I am going to write a lot as well!

Tell me in the comments what you think about my theories? Am I right or am I wrong? What kind of theories do you have? Share your thoughts below :point_down:!

There will be more to come in September!

The artist is working hard on NINE Art scenes for this story!
Show her some love :heart:

Hey :cat:

I am back today to tell you that new Instagram posts were posted on @storiesbytess and I repost the last one here to keep you updated.

This will be the new intro of @TessOfficial story Save My Dream Wonderland.

The story is right now under construction. The first chapter is completely revamped with a lot of changing and new interactive overlays.
I am waiting for the second chapter to be completely revamped.
I will let you know when I know more.

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