#TheQueen’s Art thread

Hey everyone! I’m gonna keep this short and sweet. welcome to my thread. I hope you enjoy and like the art work! :grin:

Password is “Bow Down”
Please be sure to credit me with my forums name!!
I will not accept your request unless the password is there. I do not tolerate…
• bullying
•Rushing ( Includes the constant asking of am I done of did u do this or that!!!)
Requesting the same thing from someone else and requesting to me at the same time.
• Fake people


@LanaAugustine examples
image image
@xetic examples
image image image

@Killerfrost @Cassandra_Dean @QueenMilii @Days @LHT @Itz_Madison @Hialexhi @Chesirekitten101 @Rac5hel @MagixQueenie @Lunar_Rose @Firely_epi @Epy.raven @RainbowCat @F4NCI @ChayChay @L.I.W.F @Kaycee_Rose @Raybadem @kotakala @KQUEEN

Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged


I make gacha edits and drawings to so if you want one just request it.

I’m open to working on anything but backgrounds and overlays. Sorry for the inconvenience. :slightly_frowning_face:

Slots open
@riley_rowen - @Queen_K

@Sunset_Shimmer - @Queen_K



I see you tagged people, can I request something? :sweat_smile:




Here is my character details.
Password: Bow Down


If the hair is too hard, I can change it into something else.

Can I have the character drawn just like you have in the second example? Minus the glasses.
Can she have a blue shirt on and a dark background.

Thank you in advance!

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Sure! I can definitely try. The hair might be an issue because I referenced that style so I wouldn’t know how it would look under the hair. @LiyahxWrites

Ah I see. Would be it be easier if you used the same hair in the photo? If so, I don’t mind.

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Yea I’m sorry. I’ll make it as soon as I can

No need to apologize. Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Bow Down

Hi! I was wondering if you’d make me a profile picture!
(in your art please)


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My style? Not episode like?

Hi i was wondering if you could make me a cover for a episode story. If you are ok with making the cover thanks and the character is below
Password:Bow Down

I was wondering if you could make the cover in first example style but the character looking into a mirror but her reflection is in a fancy dress and a tiara (so basically a princess)

That’s the dress



Your request


Your request

lol sorry I went overboard

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Thank you. It’s beautiful, how should I credit you?

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Hi, could I request an outro Instagram splash please? With Follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks, the Instagram logo, my Instagram: @Missy45.epi and a character.

Character details

Honey body colour
Thick flat eyebrows
Natural curls black hair
Round classic brown eyes
Soft heart face shape
Aquiline nose
Full round orange crush colour mouth
And the character apathetic.

With this background:


Password: Bow Down

Can I also have my character drawn like in the second example? And a gothic theme to it?

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Make sure to include the password please

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Just my forums name is fine

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