There are no ads currently available bug

This bug has been present for a quite a long time now. You’ll watch an ad to the end, then you get the message: There are no ads currently available. Come back later!
That’s fine, but it doesn’t reward you any shards, even though you watched the ad. It’s already pretty tough getting .6 diamonds per ad, but then getting this bug multiple times a day and watching ads for nothing is getting really frustrating.


That sometimes happens to me too, but only when my WIFI signal loses a bar. This happens because my WIFI signal is weaker in certain rooms.
Could that be your issue, too?!

Good idea, but no, I don’t think so. I’m very close to a strong WiFi connection. It happens across all my devices, even on one with a fiber-to-the-living room connection. To me it looks like a coding bug.