There are only two genders

In my sociology class, a debate started posing the question, is there only two genders? I’d say most of the class agreed, there is only two genders biologically, and I was wondering what do you think?

Everyone is welcomed to express their opinion, however this doesn’t mean you can express any hate to anyone! As that is not an opinion, stay on topic, and don’t start fights. :thinking:


I agree that there are only two genders, I dunno. I guess it’s the first thing you learn about when you grow up. I mean, are there any other genders? How do you reproduce?


Agreed, sometimes I think adults who identify as a different gender can confuse some children. Scientifically there is always going to be two genders, unless natural selection comes into play.


It would also contradict religion, and Adam and Eve. It would confuse a lot of people


very true, but I think people who identify as another gender or no gender at all, aren’t theist at all (only from my experience).


Oh, now I’m confused :face_with_monocle: how’s your class, I wish i was in it. Sounds interesting!


it is so fun tbh I’m so opinionated, we talk about pineapple on pizza and my teacher full on got triggered.


There are only tqo genders . Don’t confuse gender with sexuality .

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Gender and sex are two different things.

Sex is determined by your genitalia at birth and gender is in your head, really. While there are generally two sexes besides those who are intersex (have some form of both kinds of genitalia), there are multiple different genders. You can self identify your gender, and to more fit it or feel more comfortable in ones body if you identity as one that you weren’t assigned with at birth, you are able to get different surgeries or go on HRTs to adjust it to your liking.

I could write more, but I’d rather not spark any argument by adding more details.


Thank you so much for the infomation. :heart:

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I think that there are two sexes. Male and female. And for gender, I really don’t care even if you identify as woman, man, agender, nonbinary, genderqueer and others. Just tell me your pronouns and your name and we are good fam. Nothing more.


I would say that there are 4 genders: Male, female and intersex plus neutrum or androgyne for the lack of a specific gender. Just my 5 cents on it for now. ♂♀:rainbow_flag::white_flag:

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Actually, science has been solidly on the side of “gender is a spectrum” for a long time now. Gender is also defined medically as related to, but separate from sex. Sex is a biological state of being male or female, whereas gender is an individual’s experiences on a spectrum which includes man and woman. Sex is about our bodies (or more specifically, the alignment between chromosomes, genitals, and hormones; defining it by chromosomes alone would be absurd because that’s not the judgment doctors use to assign sex at birth and not something anyone knows 100% without genetic testing, which is too expensive to give every infant). Gender, on the other hand, is more a mashup of biology, identity, and expression. Of course, gender may also have a genetic component; identical twins raised separately, for example, are more likely to both be transgender than two adopted children raised together. Twin studies aren’t perfect due to how rare identical twins are to begin with (creating a limited sample size), but it’s a good way to reveal a potential relationship.

That being said, sex is also a spectrum. Intersex people exist and are individually viable, though not typically reproductively so. Some would argue that they just have medical conditions, but these people are best respected as intersex because coerced medical interventions in infancy are more harmful than their conditions themselves (almost like we shouldn’t conduct surgery on peoples’ genitals without their explicit consent just so we can fit them into boxes we’re more comfortable with!). Also because, you know… they’ve asked us to respect them as such.

Anyone who’s progressed in their scientific education beyond high school biology class (which is intentionally oversimplified and outdated because they want everyone to pass) at least has some clue of the amount of nuance involved here. Claiming that gender is binary and biological dismisses the amount of complexity involved in humans, especially when even biology (and literally all organic matter in existence) has never functioned as a binary system. As for claims that nonbinary adults “confuse some children”, that has yet to be seen, though it hasn’t been formally studied to my knowledge. From what I’ve observed, children are actually more able and willing to accept transgender and nonbinary identities than a lot of adults. They’re not stupid; they can understand a lot more than you give them credit for.

Overall, regardless of what you believe, it costs you absolutely nothing to respect people for what they want to be called. So if you can’t acknowledge actual, up-to-date, nuanced science (or other cultures, since there are plenty all over the world that recognize more than two genders and have done so for centuries), please at least act like a decent person if you ever meet someone who is nonbinary.


I would argue that there are two sexes (intersex peeps are still one or the other genetically), and gender is something like sex plus society.
Males and females have obvious physical differences, of course, and they have some mental differences too, but those have greater variation.
There is a societal and cultural expectation for both men and woman, and someone who doesn’t quite fit into that or enjoys things associated with the other sex is not automatically in a new gender or transgender.
A girl who likes boy things or wears boy clothes is not a boy or something in between a boy and girl. A boy who likes girl things or wears girl clothes is not a girl or something in between a boy and a girl. Just because someone does not fit a stereotype, does not mean he is another gender. Individuality exists, folks.
Even the word ‘transgender’ implies going from one gender to another–not losing gender or creating a new one.
For this reason I do not believe there are any more than two genders. They just have a lot of variation, because everyone is unique, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Note: If you consider yourself of another gender, you do you. You can choose to interpret gender how you wish.
To me, it has very little actual meaning apart from biological sex and societal expectations.


In other news, I’m not really sure the existence of entire groups of people is an “opinion” that’s “up for debate”. We’re not talking ice cream flavors, here. These are peoples’ lives and regardless of what you think, this line of discourse does hurt people who are already subjected to constant invalidation.


You are right, we have to respect others on how they feel and are treated by these types of “debates.” These are peoples everyday lives, not objects we can argue over.


For humans there is scientifically only 2 genders. I’m pretty sure there are 2 genders for every living species that we know of, although there are some animals that can switch from female to male when they please, which is confusing.


Steven Crowder is mostly a comedian, but I love his Change My Mind segments. We hear a lot of different points of views from people.

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Then why is there a custom and rather not say?

(This is a joke for those of u who don’t know"

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See my church believes that you are the gender you are born with , man and woman marry and date. Though we are told to at least be supportive of others because they are still gods children and yeah… also were arent followers if mormon so please stop calling us mormon

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