There is a blackout problem on the app and on the previewer

Good day to the Episode Community, I’ve noticed that there’s a blackout problem on the Episode App and on the previewer on the Writer Portal with my story.
So basically what happens is that my script is normal, no errors, but when I want to test it on either of these platforms only the speech bubbles appear. From my first episode until the third it works fine, but when it get’s down to the fourth, it literally just blacks out. I’ve tried everything and it’s really frustrating, I hope that there is a solution for this problem. Thanks in advance.

Hello! This is the Episode Forums and is actually not how you contact the Episode Team. You can contact them about your issue by going here- and submitting a ticket. I hope your issue gets solved soon!

Having the same problem, I didn’t know other’s were having the problem also. I will be putting in a ticket make sure you do also so that they can see it is a problem and will get on fixing. :slight_smile: