There Is A { On Line 2018 That Does Not Have A Matching }

Why does it tell me there’s an error with my code? @RudeInception @Dara.Amarie @EliseC @scarlet.rose.writes


Want to see a flashback to when you and Trisha first met? You were both 8 at the time!

“Flashback Time!” {

@YOUNGER YOU changes hair into Full Pigtail
@YOUNGER YOU changes mouthColor into Beige Gold Matte
@YOUNGER YOU changes mouth into Small Heart
@YOUNGER YOU changes eyes into Round Downturned Wide

@transition fade out white 2

music music_stringpluckbeat



@set hsl 5 -50 8 colorize with blendMode NORMAL to 100%

Your filter will be enabled for every scene after this line

To turn off the filter, use “@reset hsl” or “@reset hsl in [# of seconds]”

readerMessage 13 years ago…

&BG10 spot 0.812 249 213 in zone 1 and BG10 faces left and BG10 is rear
&BG11 spot 0.731 158 183 in zone 1 and BG11 faces left and BG15 is rear
&BABY TRISHA spot 0.452 162 375 in zone 2 and BABY TRISHA faces left and BABY TRISHA is flirt_coy
&PETERS spot 0.659 261 345 in zone 2 and PETERS faces left and PETERS is wave_extreme
&CAMILLA spot 0.668 85 340 in zone 2 and CAMILLA faces right and CAMILLA is idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop
&BG17 spot 1.226 62 20 in zone 3 and BG17 faces right and BG17 is rear
&BG22 spot 1.001 194 123 in zone 3 and BG22 faces left and BG22 is think_rubchin
&BG25 spot 1.064 81 140 in zone 1 and BG25 right and BG25 is talk_stemware_happy
@add Champagne Flute Filled to BG25
&BG8 spot 1.046 266 130 in zone 3 and BG8 faces left and BG8 is film_phone_energetic_loop

@pan to zone 2
@pan to zone 3
@pan to zone 2

@zoom on 349 568 to 466% in 0
@zoom on 640 568 to 466% in 4.5

@zoom on 357 440 to 298% in 0.3

    CAMILLA (talk_handsonhips_neutral)
Good afternoon, everyone!

    CAMILLA (talk_agree_happy)
Before we get this party started, we wanted to thank you for appearing at our daughter, Trisha's 8th birthday!

    CAMILLA (talk_gossip)
In a few hours, we'll be heading to our Grand Venue where many more people will be attending.

    CAMILLA (talk_flirt_charming)
Celebrities, Darcy Mehow and Kyle Sterling, will be making an appearance there too so make sure you tag along.

    CAMILLA (talk_excited_happy)

@zoom reset

&CAMILLA faces left and CAMILLA walks to spot 0.668 -56 344 in 1 and CAMILLA is walk_runway_loop
&PETERS walks to spot 0.659 -42 346 in 1.5 and PETERS is walk_worried_loop
@zoom on 487 338 to 394% in 0
@BABY TRISHA is idle_awkward_scratch_loop
@BABY TRISHA is cough

@zoom on 539 297 to 258% in 0

@YOUNGER YOU spot 0.452 345 365 and YOUNGER YOU faces left
@YOUNGER YOU walks to spot 0.452 211 372 in 1.5 and YOUNGER YOU is walk_scared_loop
@BABY TRISHA faces right

    BABY TRISHA (talk_afraid)

    YOUNGER YOU (talk_sad_exhausted)
Do you know where my mom and dad went?

&YOUNGER YOU is idle_awkward_uneasy_loop

    BABY TRISHA (talk_sad_serious_loop)
No, my parents kind of ditched me too.

&BABY TRISHA is idle_handsonhips_neutral_loop

    YOUNGER YOU (talk_greet_neutral)

&YOUNGER YOU is flirt_shy

    BABY TRISHA (talk_agree_happy)

    YOUNGER YOU (talk_apathetic)
Well, this is a grand party.

&YOUNGER YOU is laugh_chuckle

    BABY TRISHA (talk_shrug_concerned)
My parents are so extra!

    BABY TRISHA (talk_think_neutral)
I don't know why they spend so much money just for one party.

&BABY TRISHA is think_rubchin

    YOUNGER YOU (talk_reassure_neutral)
But it looks so cool!

    YOUNGER YOU (talk_excited_happy)
I'm so excited to go to the Grand Venue after the main party.

    BABY TRISHA (talk_apathetic)
My parents have invited about 600 people to that.

&YOUNGER YOU is idle_shiftweight_neutral_loop

    YOUNGER YOU (talk_pointup_happy)
We better make the most of the short party before it gets all crowded.

    BABY TRISHA (talk_excited_happy)
There's so much to do!

&BABY TRISHA is chant_pumpfist_happy_loop

    YOUNGER YOU (talk_whisper_unsure)
We should start by getting you changed into something

    BABY TRISHA (talk_confused_mindblown)
My mom has a dress saved for the main party in her private trailer but I could slip that on now.

&BABY TRISHA is cheer_happy_loop

    YOUNGER YOU (talk_excited_happy)
Where is her private trailer?

&YOUNGER YOU is chant_pumpfist_happy_loop

    BABY TRISHA (talk_pointup_pretentious)
I'll show you.

@transition iris out white 1

music music_action_lp

@zoom reset
@cut to zone 2
&YOUNGER YOU spot 0.677 285 164 and YOUNGER YOU faces left and YOUNGER YOU is idle_terrified_loop
&BABY TRISHA spot 0.659 236 174 and BABY TRISHA faces right and BABY TRISHA is shush_neutral

@transition iris in white 1

@BABY TRISHA walks to spot 0.407 159 297 in 4 and BABY TRISHA is walk_sneak_loop
@BABY TRISHA faces right and BABY TRISHA is tinker_stand_neutral_loop_rear

sound alarm-danger

@zoom on 326 558 to 480% in 0

@transition fade out black 0.1
@transition fade out black 0.1
@transition fade out black 0.1
@transition fade out black 0.1
@transition fade out black 0.1

@zoom on 640 220 to 480% in 0.2

@BABY TRISHA faces right and BABY TRISHA is react_startled_surprised_pose

@zoom on 470 220 to 480% in 0.2

“End Episode 3” {


End of episode.

The error points to the line…

“Flashback Time!” {

Delete the row above choice

The line that asks the reader if they want to see a flashback?

change it to alarm_danger

Want to see a flashback to when you and Trisha first met? You were both 8 at the time!
delete this gap
“Flashback Time!” {

Oof, thanks xx

Lol I seem to be no help :joy::joy: I’m usually late hehe

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