There is a { on line 2178 that does not have a matching }

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I might just be blind lol, but I don’t see a { right before the choice compliment him as well.

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when you do the first choice I don’t think you need a bracket before it because my previous choices saved fine that way.

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Oh really? I’m sorry, I thought you did. I’m not really sure what the problem is then.


I believe you need to add a bracket before the } elif { (add one on line 2269)
Because you coded a choice but didn’t ended the choice itself if you know what I mean lol

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so should I remove the bracket on 2270 and move it to 2269?


it’s okay, thank you.


No, just add } on line 2269 and tell me if it works :slight_smile:

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still the same error

Do I put the end bracket right after my character changes into the outfit?

it still has the error sadly

the error is now in 2270 instead of 2178 and the scene doesn’t change depending on the outfit chosen.

For some reason when it starts the scene, my character only changes into the last option and not the first 2

I was previewing it on mobile though.

It still does the same thing, should I put it under the scene change?

Yeah I’m actually using that exact template.

Is this right? Because it’s still happening.


I’m so sorry but it just keeps switching to the last outfit, even if I corrected the typo.

Hello there, choice names can’t have spaces. Try naming your choice Audition_Outfit instead of Audition Outfit. :+1:

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It’s okay, thank you so much.