There is a { on line 559 that doesn't have a matching }

Hey, So I’m trying to create a scene where the reader can choose what to respond to another character but I don’t get this error. please help

Thank you
(you can read my story in episode! Its called Dear Sarah)

Did you intend for each of those sentences that are marked in red, to be choices?!

Also… the error is correct. You forgot to put a } before the next choice.

But also, you need some dialogue before choices. For example…
This is how it should look: :point_down:t3:

Insert dialogue here.

“Choice 1”{
Insert additional dialogue here.

}“Choice 2”{
Insert additional dialogue here.

}“Choice 3”{
Insert additional dialogue here.

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In line 564 there is the error, you put a choice when it shouldn’t be, what you have to do is remove it and put “}” unless you want your choice to end there you have to put a NARRATOR and your text and continue with your choice.

To add to what Rayna said, if those are all intended choices, I think you should paginate them so they’re much neater if you haven’t already added that.

choice [shouldPaginate: YES]
“Option 1” {

} “Option 2” {


And so on.

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how did you create your pfp like that?

It’s a commission that I paid for. :blush: