There is a { on line 750 that does not have a matching


I wanted to remember the outfit choice for the next chapter, so I helped with the tutorial by Dara.Amarie, but error “There is a '750 that does not have a matching” appeard. I don’t know where I made the mistake. I’ll be very grateful for help!


I’ll give you how you’re supposed to write it because I can’t explain it:
label partydressing_game
LILLY (think)
(What should I try?)
“Pink Dress” {
@LILLY exits right and RITA is idle
@pause for a beat
@LILLY changes into LILLY_party1
@LILLY enters from right to screen right
@LILLY is strike_a_pose
@RITA is admire AND CARLA is think
CARLA (talk_think)
Really nice one!
goto partydressing_end
} “White Dress” {
@LILLY exits right
@pause for a beat
@CARLA is yawn_bored AND RITA is idle
@LILLY changes into LILLY_party2
@LILLY enters from left to screen right
@CARLA is admire
RITA (talk_handsonhips)
I like it!
goto partydressing_end
} “Black And Gold Dress” {
@LILLY exits right
@pause for a beat
@CARLA is arms_crossed
@LILLY changes into LILLY_party3
@LILLY enters from right to screen right
CARLA (talk_shrug)
I’m not sure about this one.
RITA (talk_gesture)
I think it’s cool.
goto partydressing_end
label partydressing_end
LILLY (think)
(Should I wear this?)
“Yes” {
LILLY (talk_happy_agree)
It’s perfect.
} “No, I’ll try something else.” {
goto partydressing_game

Then the rest of your script! Don’t put } when you’ve finished with one of the choice options, that’s what was affecting the error and the choice of which outfit to wear happens at the very end. Good luck to you and your story!


Thank you so much, it works! But I got one more question, if I want to remember this outfit choice for next chapter, do I have to add this “gain” things to the script, just like in this tutorial below? If so, how to do it right? :frowning:


Sorry, I haven’t used the gain yet. Maybe create a separate thread about it or search some youtube tutorials?


I will :slight_smile: Thank you so much one more time!


Here’s the example of dressing game with gains


Thank you, it helps a lot :slight_smile: