There is a { on line 990 that does not have a matching }

YOU (flirt_liftchin_receive_shy)
(| bold , italic |Helping Levi from Malia AND spending alone time with him!)

choice (hollywood_premiumchoice)
"Spend QUALITY alone time with Levi by the sunset! !ROMANCE INCLUDUDE ;)!" {

goto sign_premium

@speechbubble reset

“Pass.” {

    YOU (talk_sad_exhausted)
It's getting pretty late!

    YOU (talk_awkward_loop)
I think I'll pass.

@zoom on 3 422 to 253% in 0

    LEVI (talk_reassure_neutral)
No problem. Maybe another time.

@transition fade out white 5

goto trisha_scary


label sign_premium

readerMessage +7 Levi Points AND +15 Fame Points! with messageTitle ALONE IN HOLLYWOOD!

@LEVI +7

    YOU (talk_exclaim_yes_happy)
Sign me up!

(The bold line is where the error redirects to.)

@Dara.Amarie @Apes @LyraKeiken @RudeInception @JemU776

nevermind, i have fixed the issue

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Ha, ha, glad to hear :wink:

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