There is a { on line # that does not have a matching }

Hi, I keep running into this problem every single time I write an episode. Can you guys help me figure out what I’m doing wrong lol. It’s weird, because I have this exact layout on my other episodes at the end of my chapter and I always seem to run into this problem.

This is what I have:


Would you like to see this bonus scene?💎

choice (support_author11)

GEMS:8"Yes, I would like to read the bonus scene."{ (FIY, ERROR IS ON THIS LINE)


}“No, thank you.”{

@pause for a beat


No worries, thank you for reading my story! 😊


continued dialogue

hi! maybe the error is not in choice? would you mind sharing a screenshot of you code? if you don’t want to do it publicly you can always dm me!

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Hey, I’m trying to DM you but it’s not working.

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