There is a { on line... that does not have matching }

Hey, sorry if my english is bad. I have a problem with my script. It say:

“There is a { on line 1135 that does not have matching }”

but there definitely is one. I don’t know which part you need. There are a lot of choices in choices but i count the all the. “{” and add a # with a number to everyone.

I add a picture but my story is in german. I tried translate it.

You must have forgotten to add a “}” somewhere. Can you show your full script?

Line 1144, remove the extra “s”.


what is the purple text, I never seen that before.

The script is in a different language so she added a translation, I think.

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Oh thank you so much, that was it. I looked over it like for 100 times and can’t find it.

But now it says:

Remove “≤” and change it to “<”.

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Thank you so much! It worked! :heart::heart:

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