There is a { on line # that doesnt have a matching }

Hello, so I’ve been writing this story called (Dear Sarah) and I’ve never seen this error before. I can’t get to fix it so please help.

Thank you

One major issue I noticed is with your gains.

“Flag names cannot have spaces nor special characters. They can only be consisted of letters, numbers, and/or underscores.” - quote from the guide here:

you can’t have gain Wavy Long, because there is a space between the 2 words. Also another thing.

You shouldn’t have gains in a hairstyle template where the reader is able to go back to the menu and try on different hairstyles. Because then they gain all the gains.

“You also cannot use this method with customization templates.
A customization template has choices that repeat so you can go back and keep changing your appearance and choosing multiple choices at once. Adding flags to all those choices will result in the reader gaining all of those flags after clicking on all the options.”


thank you so much!

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