There is an error and i can't look to the preview


I am writing a story but I can not see the view anymore and there is an error above. Does anyone know what I can do about this?


Have you tried refreshing/reloading the page?


yes, but it doesn’t work


I’m going to restart it completely and maybe it works then


Hm :thinking:

  1. Try closing the entire window/tab

  2. And here is a thread, there someone had a similar problem to yours. There are some tips in it. Hope it can help you :blush::


I have restarted it completely and now it is solved.


Jupi! :smile:




do you know how to save your story after using ‘directing helper’?


What do you mean? :sweat_smile:


you have all the blocks on the display and on one of the blocks is ‘directing helper’. If I have used it, he will not just store it, do you know how that is?


You need to copy and paste the placements/spots into your script and save it.


oke, thank you


sorry for all questions, but do you happen to know how to make someone out of the picture with an emotion?


Do you want them to be standing in another zone?
If yes, then you can do this:

  1. @CHARACTER stands screen left/center/right in zone # AND CHARACTER is animation


  1. @CHARACTER spot % x y in zone # AND CHARACTER is animation



thank you very much


No problem :blush:


wait, I think you misunderstood me. There must be someone out of the scene with an emotion, how do I do that ??

Sorry for the lack of clarity, that’s my fault because I sometimes use google translate because my English is not so good;)


You want them to walk out of the scene with an emotion?