There is No Planet B

I was scrolling through the amazing app called tik tok, and saw this

And it got be thinking…

What have we been doing to the planet recently?

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Making a topic won’t help, but will spread awareness to a big platform. Some may hate some make agree but as long as people read this topic and understand what is happening I’ll be ok.

Here are some things you can do now:

  • Cut of beef. The beef industry is killing the coral reefs. And the biggest beef supplier comes from The Amazon Rainforest. I recently started to not eat beef products and it’s not bad at all. There are other good foods that don’t require any beef in it! (Or what @Zey said, limit beef consumption!)

  • Refuse single use plastic. Ah yes, plastic… the infamous killer. It takes about 450 years for just ONE plastic bottle to decompose. You use the plastic bottle once in your life whilst it goes and kills tons of animals since it’s a choking hazard. This is why reusable water bottles are such a major Necessity you should think of investing in! I recently got a new one for $18 thanks to Black Friday sales! Not only is it reusable but once you’re done using it forever, it’s recyclable!

  • Reduce the amount of carbon you produce! You can do something so little to make such a good impact on the earth! Walking to school or biking somewhere is a great way to reduce carbon releases. I walk to the park every week to get some fresh air and it’s right next to my neighborhood! Sure it might take 10 minutes but I sure as heck feel good walking there!

  • Properly Recycle! Only 9% pieces of plastic actually get recycled! This is because they’re too dirty or not clean to be recycled! So remember to wash your shampoo bottle out so the recycle collector can actually collect it and put it through the process of recycling it!


  • Bring Awareness! Just like me, you can share, share, and share this topic to everyone! And they’ll share, share, and share to everyone! It’s a cycle!

From Replies:

Thank you so much for reading through this! Comment below ways you help and more ways that I could add to this post!

Love, Melaniey the Activist :blue_heart::green_heart::earth_americas:


Camera lenses and photo shop, CGI.

Don’t believe anything you see.
Especially the photo of planet Earth. It doesn’t exist. It’s made up.


Removed! Thank you


You know I love you Mel, but most of the human population eats meat, they have been told many times to turn vegetarian but won’t do so because they are Intwined with their lifestyle. It wouldn’t really make a difference.


Idk if it helps but I hate McDonald’s


It really wouldn’t make a difference! Vegans and Vegetarians are still alive today aren’t they? And I’m still here


I also don’t use dairy as much…

I drink almond milk, I don’t eat ice cream or yogurt. I’m still using cheese but I’m trying to find a alternative. I’ve been trying to make my own home-made meals instead of eating fast food.


That’s great! I hate milk and don’t drink it, but I do use dairy products :pensive:


Milk makes me sick… it wasn’t made for humans to drink but we still drink it… plus I’ve heard rumors of puss being in milk.




I would also add stop buying fast fashion
If you don’t want/can’t cut off beef, just limit your meat consumption. It’s unhealthy to eat too much meat anyway :woman_shrugging:t2:

Tagging another activist that is helping me to turn green: @Hijiko


Humans are carnivores so we can’t completely cut meat, and those who have succeeded only did because with today’s ressources we can replace the nutriments meat brings to us by something else. But even if we all turn vegan, the same problems are going to arise. The problem isn’t that we eat meat, it’s how it’s produced (but you already know that). So if we turn vegan we’re going to do the same thing all over again. We’re not killing the planet, we’re killing us. All this is because we’re too many on earth and I keep joking about how I won’t have kids because we’ll all die before but it’s true, I am actually scared that this will happen. If we keep going on like this, either the climate will kill us, either something else caused/created by humans (example: AI but that’s another story) will end us. We are our biggest enemy.


The earth doesn’t need us, we need the earth. Thats why people need to start caring more.


We are the first generation to stop this but we keep pushing it.




The problem is we talk about the problems and share our concern but we won’t get up. Some will, but majority won’t.


I remember once in class we saw a documentary on some place called Green City. And if I remember correctly that’s our dream place. If the entire world turned to that ecology, we would see a great difference. But that’s unachievable.


People don’t take it seriously. Where was Half of America when we were losing our air? Feuding over a chicken sandwich What a joke.


Ignore the guy’s voice haha

I’m not sure it is that exact place but it looks like it


My main question is… How are we gonna save a society when society can’t even lift each other? When they can’t unsee their differences?