There is no profile option and I can't make an account to fix that


I can’t log in, it isn’t letting me make an account and when I log out it just logs me back into the same “account” I “made”. I have no profile section and I have no way to fix this, when I downloaded it onto my iPad it worked until I logged into the “account,” then the creator option, profile, and anything else disappeared. Maybe I’m doing something wrong but I’ve been doing this all day and I’m thoroughly sick of Episode for the rest of my life. Until I get this fixed, then I’ll like it again. So please PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS.


Currently the episode app seems to be going through a glitch where some people who have recently joined aren’t able to access the search bar, genres and the profile. I’m not sure if this is the glitch happening to you but there’s a post “no search bar, genres or character profile.” I recommend looking at that, if that matches the problem you’re facing then it might be a matter of episode just needing to update and fix the bug. Hope this was helpful or that you somehow manage to fix it.


Yeah I found it as soon as I posted this. It is the problem I have and I’m very sad that I have to wait. Thank you!


YES. I got Episode and I can only access Home and Settings and nothing else. I can only read the stories in Home and I HAVE READ ALL OF THEM!


SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP! I need help otherwise I will have to get rid of Episode.


Did everything get solved?


This is happening to me too! Can’t create a profile or search genres :frowning:


Did you ever get it to work?