There’s nothing wrong with criticism! (Repost of Shanii's post)

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Recently, I noticed a lot of people calling out and flagging others for criticising stories if they’re not Featured stories on Episode. I have read a lot of threads which basically tell people “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”.

While that can sometimes be sound advice, it is not the case with writing . You see, there is a massive difference between constructive criticism and hate. Criticism helps you to grow as a writer and become better.

Frankly, I find it more mean and cruel if people find my story awful and are just too “nice” or pressured by the community to say anything. If you really like authors on here and you want to see them grow, you should be promoting criticism, not trying to silence it.

And if you’re a writer, you put your work out there in the world. Surely, you expected some kind of criticism? As soon as it left your mind and was published onto the app, you’ve given people the right to say what they want about it - within reason, of course. If you want to grow as a writer, it’s up to you to be able to take creative criticism and use it to grow instead of always seeing it as a direct attack.

People need to stop seeing criticism as a direct attack! Episode is full of amateur writers and the feedback we give one another is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your work. That’s where we’re going to get the bulk of improvements from! Sometimes that criticism can seem harsh at first, but give it a chance to make sense to you and give the person the benefit of the doubt. We don’t all speak English as a first language and so some of us can mean well but say it in a way which might come across as a little harsh because of the nuances of English. Don’t jump on the “don’t hate” bandwagon straight away! You could be missing out on some free editing .

On the other side, make sure that you’re not actively trying to be rude when you’re criticising the work. No, you’re not obliged to say one hundred good things before you get to the bad. However, make sure you’re polite about your criticism and always open to talk about it if you’re going to give it.

If we want to improve as a community, we need to start by improving our communication skills. Sometimes that means we need to stop being rude. Others, it means we need to stop being so sensitive.

I know this might seem harsh to some of you, but criticism is an important part of the creation process, and depriving people of that because we accuse people of hate too quickly is counterproductive!

New - My Opinion

I reposted the thread so we talk about how people can never take criticism or constructive criticism on a story. People will literally call you a “hater” or “being negative” just by doing it. It’s so ridiculous. Since when are we obligated to like any and every story? And when you do give it to them, the writer or author never really takes it as an advantage or into consideration, which is the point of it. The matter of the fact is: As long as you are respectful about it, it’s fine. It can help you. It’s not hating. Let people give their opinion on your story as long as it’s not offensive. You can say a story is “bland” and “generic.” It’s criticism. As long as you do it kindly. Seriously, stop silencing others from doing it and getting “Big Mad” over it. They aren’t harming anyone. If you can’t handle it, don’t call yourself a writer. It’s part of becoming one. :wink: It doesn’t matter if you are defending your friend, don’t uplift a person’s story just because they are. If the story isn’t good, it isn’t good and others should be able to express how they feel about it respectfully!


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preach. :+1:t3: :raised_hands:t3:


True! :raised_hands:


100% agree.
We learn as we grow. We grow as we receive feedback. We don’t know how to get better if we don’t know what is wrong. I have a whole list of feedback that I got from others and reviews that I will try to work on and fix.


Oh yeah. I agree with this very much! There’s a correct way to do criticism, though. I think visual artists teach people how to do criticism best over literature-people. When you provide some criticism, the BEST way to get people to really consider your points is to say both what you like/love about the thing you’re critiquing AS WELL as talk about what you can work on.

Instead of being like, “Man…this is just boring…” Be more detailed in your criticism. You could say something like, “I understand what you’re going for, but I think it could have been executed better in order to get the reader’s attention, like SO:”

Don’t just complain about the problem with something like this, try and give some solutions here and there. Like when we see a directing issue, we can tell people, “I’d recommend using more ampersands because…” And explain why this would work better.

I enjoy constructive criticism, but I strongly dislike “criticism” that has no positive notes or solutions or anything like that. Because you can tell somebody “This just doesn’t make any sense.” And it doesn’t help anybody. You need reasoning and details. <3 <3

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That’s good for you! I’m happy you are taking consideration in it.


yep, right on this one. :raised_hands:t3:


Shannii really explained it well.


yeah. very well explained. :+1:t3:

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Say it louder for the people in the back! :speaking_head:


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I absolutely agree. People should not take criticism hard (as long as others criticise pleasantly). Exactly the opposite.


People just need to learn. It’s not like they are tearing you down. Learn how to take an opinion! Jeez.


Yes. I mean, if somebody criticises pleasantly and not in a offensive way, then you should accept it :no_mouth:, even if it pinches a little.
I am telling you, people should learn how to accept criticisms and not to take it as an offense :disappointed:.


Thanks for reposting it! It needed to be said again, since nothing seems to have changed!


The worst thing for me is that some of the big writers will do this way more than the smaller ones. They’ll come to the forums just to argue with people and justify the issues with their story you don’t like, then disappear into the shadows again, pretending they have a right to have 0 criticism.

I’m not gonna name any names because these authors will be notified by their fans, they’ll come onto the forums to argue with me and then disappear again


How it is that you are really good at explaining these kinds of topics. Your a natural, and I agree. :+1:t3:


Haha I dunno if I’m a natural. I’ve just made a lot of mistakes before and learnt a lot along the way. Missed out on a lot of free editing once upon a time. sigh


I could agree on that. More practice, more improvement.