There should be a layer helper

no swear censoring not in the mood XD
Layers are damn confusing, they fuck up kiss scenes and make them hell, I have tried like 6 different layers and the guy is still in front of the girl WTF


I finally got it so isaeuefh9pdwfup9a8ewegf

Oh my God, I had exactly the same thing with hugging :joy: Eventualiy, I gave up but now it is fixed haha. Glad that it works for you too now!

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Layers is easy the number has to be higher to be in front. If his 2 and she is 1 he will be infront


Sometimes that doesn’t work for me, so that is really frustrating :rage:
But thx for the tip though!

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Awesome idea. You, or somebody, should make a forum request for a layer helper!

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how do you make a forum request

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I believe that it’s just making a topic in the Feature + Art Suggestions category with a title like, FEATURE: Layer Helper. :slightly_smiling_face: