There should be season forum awards


I think we should have forum award for each season. It makes sense the the annual forum awards would still stay the same and gonna be it be the biggest one each year.

Anyone agree!




I agree!!



@ChayChay @Artistofepi are the hosts. I love these awards! We should have them more often. Not just annual.


I feel like maybe someone willing to do this stuff every season and is willing to make a thread and keep track of nominations should also help


I would want to help out but idk if they’re looking for that.


I’d be willing too also


Yeah! We should create a forum Awards group


That would be cool


We just need Amani aka @Artistofepi to come on and say sure


Well Amani and I have an account called @ForumAwards so idont mind doing it!


Yeah, she’s replying


That would be awesome C!


I mean I’m done with it. Like me and Amani can do it if Sheba wants. If not someone else can help me organize the next one. :grin: Maybe @zoe4564 can help come up with prize ideas for each season ??


We just need like pres or something like that who can organize and make sure that it happen every season and that we are prepared


Hello!! Have you met Chay!??? She was prez of ES!


I agree! I’m new by the way :upside_down_face:


Welcome to forums


Welcome to the forums! <3


Thank you!